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SATYAM Job Placement Paper



hi all
i'm placed in SATYAM! it was my 1st interview n i got through! freshersworld has helped a lot so thought of giving back something

Written test:
+1 for every right answer n -.25 for every wrong answer.15 questions-30mins.640 candidates appeared for written test
1.a certain sum of money becomes 50%of it's initial value after a certain no of years.after how many years wil it become 337.5% of it's initial value? (i didnt attempt this so i don't know the ans)

2.a is twice as efficient as b.b can complete a certain work in 30 days.in how many days will they complete the work working together?
(ans: 10 days)

3.a question from verbal n non verbal reasoning asking you to determine which shape appears next

4.a question about probability i dont remember it exactly but it was something like acc to a survey conducted in 1999 a certain no of babies were what is the probability that out of 5 babies 2 were born on the same date (again didnt attempt)

5.a question about a committee of judges in court, some people attend on 1day,others should not attend then a lengthy one cant recall entirely

6.a number tree with the top most number missing

7.a number series with two alternate series,easy one

8.a ratio n proportion problem

9.reasoning question,can do it easily

10.another reasoning question,can solve with ease
280 people got through

next was Group Discussion.
be confident n try to initiate or conclude it.but dont start quarrelling an entire group was disqualified because of that 94 canditates were short listed 

Technical cum HR round:
just be cool n confident in this round.but plz be honest never try to bluff them.you'll be caught if you do that.
finally 23 candidates were placed!

hope all this will prove helpful



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