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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-03 July 2006-Visakhapatnam

Totally 15 aptitude questions. 30 minutes given.

1. time and distance
A car traveling with speed of 80 kmph travels for 10 hours what will be the gain in speed if it had to travel thru the same distance in 8 hrs.

2. Number series ??,55,66,48,61,74,60,75,90,
For every set of three numbers there is increase of 11,13,15 respectively

3. some algorithm is given u need to execute it, its some what like
Something of that sort

4. calendar problem if today is 14 July 2004 is Sunday, what is 17 September 1871

5. Reasoning (relation between statements)

6. Reasoning (relation between statements)

7. compound interest. If the difference in compound interest and simple interest for 3 years at rate of 20 % per annum is 48 then what is the principle amount

8. pyramid problem.

9. 11 players of cricket team. captains age was 28,wicketkeepers age was 25. if their ages are removed then the average age of the remaining players in 1 less then the average age of team what is the average age of the team

10. there are 12 trains from patna and Delhi how many ways can a man travel by not traveling in same train more than once

11. Figure problem. Three figures given. Find the fourth one

12. one data interpretation question was given hard one

13. one logical reasoning question

14. one logical deduction question

that's all I remember total of 307 members attended and 220 got thru written exam the cut off was 4 marks there is a +1 for correct answer and -1/4for wrong answer.

Avoid guessing try to answer around 8-9 questions perfectly and I am sure u will get thru. Don't put wrong answers


The GD group is chosen by random.. So u'll find ur self among strangers. I'll advise u to familiarise urselves in the 10-15 minutes u get before u enter the room. Actually there are groups of 10 people each. And most of them were not speaking much. Ours was more calm and peaceful group. All of us were for the topic and 4 of us got thru. Don't worry cause 3/4 of those who didn't..were too shy to speak..So almost all who spoke freely & made valid points got thru.
Our topic was does private colleges give better education than govt colleges ?
some other topics were, mobile ph. ban on colleges, dresscode at job, reverse brain drain etc. but ur not given choices..the moderator gives u one.

they selected 94 out of 220 for technicals. I cleared this one also.


It was quite hard. They had only few ppl to choose and had whole day left so each persons interview lasted for 40 mins. If ur from mechanical background be prepared to answer question s on C language. And some hr questions like whts use of mechanical engineers for us..etc

Out of 94 only 55 got thru


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