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SATYAM Job Placement Paper




We have cleared Satyam(thanks to god).Its not  tough.I just want to say one thing ”be confident”…only confidence matters..they don’t ,only, require people with very good English …they are looking for those who can learn ….it was on off campus test 1100 people sat there out of which 250 were selected for GD 140 for interview and 97 got finally.


Test Pattern

WRITTEN(15 ques -30 min)—(1/4 negative marking) Cut off 7-8 marks  min and 11-12 max

Please don’t attempt questions ,in which you are not 100 % sure.


1. complete the series


Ans:- 27 (very simple)


2. Pyramid series


         65   56

      33   ?    24

   15  16  10   12

Ans:- 28


3.There is a field inside that there is a rectangular grass field with dimension  12X8 meter. One horse is tied at one corner of the grass field with a rope of 10 mtr. Horse is not allowed to enter the grass field .How much area it will graze?





 e.none of these

Ans (e)


4.A man is having some money deposited in bank.In the 1st yr he gets 8% intrest,2nd yr -11 %,3rd yr- 13%.If he gets Rs 12,400 at the end of three yr.How much he deposited.


5.12 man can complete a work on 12 days.For a work 12 men work for for 6 days and then 4 more men joins them.How much more time will be required?


6.A man took Rs 1000 as loan on simple intrest of 5%.But he pays Rs 200 annually as intrestand amount.How much he will have to return after three years?


7.Find the angle b/w the hands at 14:42 hours?

a.171 b.172 c.176 d.181

Ans :-171


8. what are the no. of words that can be formed from 'COOLER' such that both the Os are not together.


9.(this type copied. .ques was similar to this)  the question is like this: if 1 can be written as # and 0 can be written as % and some data was given only to scared u --------- and after that they gave some examples to explain the theory as
1 is written as #
2 is written as #%
3 is written as ##
4 is written as #%%
then wat is the LCM of 20,30,36


10.A Ques on Probablity??(just basic concept)

11. A Ques on Passage(6-8 lines passage)

12. and 13. Reasoning (one was easy and other was bit tough)

14.Very simple based on PIE diagram(Just know hw to calculate fron pie chart).


After Clearing WRITTEN..Next was GD

Here are some probable topics for GD…

*"womens  r  mens -  who r better  managers"

*marriages are made in heaven

*old india vs  new  india

*love marriages

*bpo,s  in  india

*aranged mariages vs love mariages

*is brain drain good 4 india

*is education necessary 4 politicians

*marriages r made in heaven

*role of youth in politics etc..

*Is G.D. neccessary for freshers recruitment

*Impact of China on indian industries


* is group discussion necessary for freshers or not.

* ragging

* at a critical position will u atempt a suicide or be murdered

* is defence a right carreer for women or not

* role of youth in india to eradicate corruption

* 75yrs vajrothsavalu-did they achieve the goals or not

* KBC is money making or not

* present cricket team

* is politics there in sports

* freshers prefer brand name or money

* illiteracy, unemployment hand by hand

* role of media on public


NOTE:- Marks are given for each point you speak…Speak with confidence with valuable points. Mass rejection is done in this phase only.Do co-operate with others. Check body language ,expressing style n all. Dont look at HR during discussion.


TECH + HR :-

Basic questions from C/C++, Project ,DBMS, OOP .Be prepared with general HR questions. Again Check body language ,expressing style n all. look into  HR eyes as much as u can.


“All the best to u all”

By Sumit Goyal and Richanand Mishra




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