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Hi Friends,

I am Samba Chakrabarti from Techno India . I would like to share my experience with all of you which I had during Satyam Campussing on   25th March, 2007 .


Around 1900 students sat for aptitude exam. There were 15 questions and the total time was 30 minutes. There was .25 negative marking. The technique for marking the correct answers was a bit different too. We had to cross “X” the correct answer. If we want to change the option for our answers, then we had to draw 3 horizontal lines, one below the other, and then choose a new option.


Questions were mainly based on quantitative mathematics, C program output, triangle series etc.

Results were declared after 2 hrs and I was happy when my name was called out.


We had around 618 students for the GD. All the students were divided into groups each having 10 students. In GD, we were told by the moderator to select a good topic. The topic that was finally selected was “Merits and Demerits of Internet.” Each of us was given 20 seconds to speak both merits and demerits. While speaking, I also found that some students were writing some important points which I told. The GD was over in 5-6 minutes. Results were declared later.


From a total of 618, only 172 students were able to go to the HR round. I had my HR round on 27th morning. No technical questions were asked, only HR based questions were asked. Each one of us had around 10 minutes of HR round. After 5 hours, HR results were declared, and I was very happy when my name was called out. From that moment onwards, I am a member Satyam Family.



1.Friends, I would like to say that never attempt all the aptitude questions, as there is “Upper Cut-off”. There is also .25 negative marking for every wrong answer.

2.Only attempt those questions which you are 100% sure. If you have a good communication skill then you can definitely cross the GD round. Never get tensed while you are GD round. Just speak some valid points with proper English, and then you can easily cross the GD round. Try to speak some new point and avoid repeating the same points that were already told.

3. In HR round, you must have a good communication skill and never get tensed. HR may cross you a lot, but you must be very cool. They only check your nerve during that moment. My HR round Questions were like,

“Why Satyam should hire you?”

 “Why do you want to join Satyam?”

“Where do you want to see 5 years from now?” etc.

 Whatever answer I was giving, HR was crossing me. But I remained cool and gave the answers.


4. Before you go for HR, you will be given resume form, which you have to fill it up that moment. You must be prepared with what you have written there because the HR may ask you questions from there."


I would like to wish all of you “Best of Luck” for your future & hope to meet u at Satyam.



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