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Hello!! my name is Sudhanshu Porwal. Currently I am in my 6th semester. I went through the Satyam recruitment process recently on 26th March at Maharana Pratap Engineering College, Kanpur. By God’s grace, I was able to make through the final list and now I am a proud Satyamite.


This website helped me a lot to get through the process and I think, I would be glad if I can contribute a bit from my side too.

Some 1000 candidates appeared..out of which 251 were selected for the second round.

Some of the questions that I recall, though not perfectly, are…


1. What is the cost of covering the walls of a room with paper, given following information :

(a) length, width and height of the room is  50,35 and 45 mts. respectively.

(b) there is only one door of size 3x2 mts.


Which of the following options is correct to find answer to this question:

A. Sentence 1 is sufficient but Sentence 2 alone is not sufficient.

B. Sentence 2 is sufficient but Sentence 1 alone is not sufficient.

C. Sentence 1 and 2 are sufficient.

D. BOTH sentences are not sufficient.

E. None of these.

Ans. D


2. Some arithmetic series, i don remember.

3. Some question based on Assertion n Reasoning, too lengthy so I don’t remember this either.

4. a pyramid question..

something like..



   956    956

        123     111    123

    20      16        16        20 

3        2          1          2         3

The number at ? mark has to be found out.


5. If the compound interest on a sum for 2 years at 12.5% per annum is Rs.510, the simple interest on the same sum at the same rate for the same period of time is :

a. Rs.400       b.Rs.450        c.Rs.460         d.Rs.480

Ans: d


6. If a boat goes upstream with a speed of U km/h and downstream with a speed V km/h, what will be speed of boat in still water?

 Ans. (U+V)/2


7. If a clock loses 27% time in first seven days and gains 31% in next seven days, what will be the correct time exactly after two weeks if clock was initially set to 12 noon .


8. If 5 litres of mixture of x water and y spirit are mixed with 10 litres of m water and n spirit, find the ratio of water and spirit in new mixture. (x,y,m,n are numerical ratios that I cant recall.)

9. If the area of a square is 147 sq m. find the radius of the in-circle of that square.

Ans. Solution is pretty simple. Area is equal to x*x where x is the side of the square. Once you find x, radius of in-circle is equal to x/2.  


10. A question figure series….was tricky…..but solvable with keen observation.

11. A can do a work with probability 1/2, b with 3/9 and c with 6/11.. find probablity that working together they will not do it.

Most of the other questions were comprehensive, long text type, so I can’t recall them.

I was able to mark some 8 answers and I reckon, the cutoff was about 5.


Most of the questions were solvable if one has done Quantitative Aptitude by R.S.Agarwal.

Make sure, you attempt only those questions which are you damn sure of. Don make too many blind guesses. Usually, the cutoff ranges between 6 to 8 , and attempting 7-9 questions with full confidence will get you in. To

Group Dynamics round

All the 251 candidates were called for GD and PI round to Lucknow . The GD is called not as Group Discussion but Group Dynamics round in Satyam. I hope that tells us, as to what we are supposed to do in that round. The point is not only to speak good on a topic or good communication skills. They count as well as how you behave in the group, giving others a chance, encouraging others, making a space for yourself, emerging as a leader yet being a part of the group.


GD’s were conducted in groups of 10, and lasted for 10 minutes on an average.


In some groups, the moderator briefed the topic and asked each candidate to speak on the topic for a few seconds and then commenced the GD, while in some he invited a candidate to commence the discussion, while in others he rocketed off the discussion straightaway.


My topic was “Terrorism in India ”. We had a pretty good discussion as we had decided to give each other a fair chance and not intercept in between unless the person has not spoken for at least 30-40 seconds. Make sure, that you have a small chit chat with your group before you go into the GD room. This is what I call Pre-GD talk. This will help you get familiar to the members and understand each one before you land directly into the GD.


The discussion was quite good, as we talked not only about the problem of terrorism but also the possible solutions to it. If you are able to speak at least 3 times and give a solid idea in reasonable and good English, you are nearly in. There were a few members who were not involved and waiting for someone to invite them. I took the lead and got them involved in the discussion which again added to my points.


Out of my group, four candidates got selected including me. Out of 251 candidates, 86 moved on to the Interview round.

Some other topics were

Are women better manager
Five traits a person should have in modern world
Mercy Killing
Mode of Wars

In some groups, the moderator also invited candidates to suggest a topic, so be ready with a good and relevant topic with a supporting line to convey its importance.


Personal Interview Round

The Interview was conducted in two batches on two days.  I had mine the very same day in the evening. The interview was Technical+HR but was being taken by a single person. Interviews were conducted in two rooms in parallel due to large group of candidates.


I was interviewed by a South-Indian Technical fellow, and I must say, he was really good and very supportive.

Let me write the talk in short.


I knocked and waited for 2 seconds, and then entered the room.

Me: May I come in Sir?

Interview: Yes. Come in.

Me: Good-evening Sir!

Interviewer: Good-evening.

I handed over my resume and waited beside the chair meant for me.

Interviewer: Have your seat.

Me: Thank-you Sir.

Interviewer: Okay. So you are Sudhanshu.

Me: Yes sir. Sudhanshu Porwal.

Interviewer: Is that Porwal? (he checked with the pronunciation and I repeated my surname to make it clear.

Interviewer: So, you were in my GD today? He was the same person who had inspected over my GD in the day time)

Me: Yes Sir.

Interviewer: So, How are you feeling?

Me: I am feeling good Sir. Thank you.

Interviewer: What do you think? Will you be able to make through?

Me: I hope to perform my best sir. Rest all depends.

Interviewer: Okay. Can you talk about yourself?

Me: Sir my name is…currently pursuing….belong to Kanpur ….family background….hobbies…..love to work…goal oriented blabla.


Interviewer: Okay. good. What do you know about Satyam?

(Make sure…you go through the website of Satyam and also….all the related material that you can find. They like it If you have taken the pains to find out about the place you are going to join.


Me: Satyam is a leading company that deals in Computer and IT Services. It covers a wide domain of expertise including Aerospace, Finance and Banking, Medical, ERP etc. Started by Mr.B.Ramalinga Raju in 1987. It also attained SEI CMM level-5….(I was interrupted here)


Interviewer: Do you know what is SEI-CMM?

Me: Yes Sir. SEI-CMM stands for Software Engineers Institute Capability Maturity Model. It is used for measuring the quality of process that run in an organization. Started by US Military initially…defined in 5 levels. Initial..Repeatable..Defined..Managed..Optimized. Satyam is level 5 that means it is at optimized level. (I guess He was impressed with the detailed answer I gave.)


Interviewer: Do you know anything about Six-Sigma?

Me: Yes Sir. I am sorry I wont be able to tell a lot….but let me share the little info I have. Six sigma is a model used to measure the quality of manufacturing process in industries. It was proposed by some Electronics Scientist in manufacturing of Chips or ICs ..and using this model he was able to bring down the defect levels to below 3.5 in a million.

( I just recalled of something I had read once…and I was not sure whether all of it was correct…..but I guess he was again impressed by the detailed answer I gave)



Interviewer: Okay Sudhanshu. Thank you so much.

Me: Thank you Sir.

Surprisingly, my interview lasted for hardly 5 minutes. And I wasn’t sure whether  I would be in or not.


But I guess…..my last two answers got me in.

There is no standard way….a person may perform in interview. What is most important is Confidence, Courage and Belief in yourself. You need to show what you are. Don’t be boasting but don be shy. Show what you are….and why you should be selected.


This was my first ever company and I am glad I made it through…and now I am a proud Satyamite. I convey my best wishes to all the aspirants wishing to join Satyam. I hope you find my experience useful.


Hoping to see you all in Satyam soon.



Sudhanshu Porwal



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