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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-26 Feb 2006-Bangalore

Pattern for written Test is 15 questions in 30 Min.

Each question carries 1 MARK and for every wrong answer 0.25 MARK
There is a Negative Marking So be Careful. Don't attempt all the Questions there is upper cut off too, If U r Sure about the Answers only attempt it,

Attempt 12 Questions out of 15, And Make Sure all are Correct, If u know only 9 attempt only 9 questions, Don't Try Luck by Flook Method, U have to Maintain
Accuracy, Go in a Group and Write Exam So that All will be Selected.

All questions are Simple. And for some of the questions None of these is also a Answer, I attempted 12 and I am sure 11 are Correct.
Some of the questions

1) A Hexagon(H1) with all sides of length 'a', If Midpoints of the sides of Hexagon are Joined we can get another Hexagon(H2), What is the ratio of Areas of H2 and H2?
2) One question on Ratio Propotion Simple one
3) One question is on arrange seating on a table
4) GRE type one question
5) One Program will be given

Up to T7 will be given
Atlast he ask one question on that what will be the valueT7 when T=6;
It is also Easy one
6) Calender Problem if 2nd January 2005 is Monday what is the day of 2nd January 1895
7) One question on Time and Work
8) ?
76 120
29 50 73
10 22 31 45

Answer is 193
Solution is 10+22=32-3=29
That is the Logic Adding two number s in the lower row and subtract 3 from it..
I only Remember this much ..
Questions are not tough. By seeing only we can answer up to 6 or 7 then remaining some what tricky But we can do it

Hope My mail Gave Some Info on Satyam Written Test

In G.D Topics For me are
>Should Mobiles Banned in Colleges or Not
>which state is best for IT Industry
In G.D don't Argue with any One, Just Put forward Ur words Boldly.
That's Enough and Do some Managerial things Like
Giving Chance to ur Friends and Let Others to Talk..
I Havent selected for Interview, Interview also Not that much Tough. Just basic
Concepts Even if u having Luck They Don't Ask Any Technical Questions
Only 3 to 4 Hr Questions..

Ok My Friends Do Best Up to Ur Level.
I feel SATYAM is the Easiest Recruitment Process I had ever Attended

(Submitted by:Rahul)


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