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SATYAM Job Placement Paper




I’m a 6th SEM student of Electronics & Telecomm. .There was a campus drive by Satyam on 7th & 8th April 2007 at Bhubaneswar , Orissa.

The process involved 3 stages: Written, GD, PI (both tech & HR)


Paper consisted General aptitude & reasoning. There was 15 Qn each carrying 1 mark and for every wrong ans negative marking of ¼ 

You have to do these in 30 mins. I’ve forgotten all the Qn, but what I can recall I’m writing it below which is 80% correct:

1]                                                    X                                               

                                                    s      t

                                                 p     q    r

                                             l     m    n    o

                                        g     h     i      j     k

                                     a     b    c     d     e    f

A pyramid was given like upper and the value of a, b, c …r, s, t were given and Qn was Value of X=?

Ans: X=442

Soln: g=(a+b)+2, h=(b+c)+2,………….similarly for I,j,k

         l= (g+h) +7, m= (h+i) +7 ….similarly for n, o

         p= (l+m) +12, q= (m+n) +12 … similarly for r

         s= (p+q) +17, t= (q+r) +17

Finally X=(s+t) +22


2] A series was given: 3, ,15,  ,21,  ,27 There was relation between 1st, 3rd, 5th and we’ve to find the 7th one I’ve forgotten the 2nd, 4th….nos. which is not required.


3] This Qn was something different and interesting also which I couldn’t solve, but some of my friends could solve it.






A series was given at INPUT and in step 1 to 4 related to this series some series were given In Qn a series was given and asked to find out what will be the step-4?


4] It was a verbal reasoning and it depends on your decision  A paragraph was given related to shop where the owners want to increase their facility for customers like they want to increase the no. of counters so that customers will not stand in a long queue. There was some ans were given related to that paragraph and you have to chose the appropriate



5] It was like Qn 4. Here something related to passengers of bus like vehicles and of aero planes and their increasing no. & accidents were given.

6] A pie chart was given and Qn was asked


8] Qn was verbal reasoning

Seven friends Amar, Madhuri, Jyoti, Sachin, Ram, Tom & Uday made two teams CAT & MICE among them selves. Condition:

i. If Ram joins Cat, then Madhuri must be in Mice team.

ii.If Tom joins Cat, then Sachin must be in Mice team.

iii.Madhuri & Jyoti can never be in the same team.

iv.Sachin & Tom can never be in the same team.

Q.If Ram is in Cat who will be in Cat?


9] A person always buys rice for Rs 200/- .if price get increased by 10%, then he will take 2 kg less.   Then calculate the original price of rice

10] What will be the next figure?

Option was given


12]150 m long train passes a telegraph pole for 12 secs. Then how much time it will take to cross 250 m long bridge?

A.29, B.30, C.32, D.   , E. none of these


13] It was based on calendar: Given: 19th December 2004 is Sunday Question: 19th December 1912 was: ______________

Ans: Wednesday


15] It was an interesting Qn  If $=’0’ and @=’1’And if we can write 0=$                                    


Then find out average of @@@@ and @@@$$@


Hints: It is like binary digit conversion and u do it. It’s very easy.


I did 11 Qns out of which I was not sure that two of them correct or not.



I was selected for GD round. They invited us to a room where they show us the videos of different offices of Satyam allover the countries and employees working there who “THINK & FEEL LIKE CEO”. Then they divide the students in a no. of groups consisting of 10 students in each group from different colleges randomly. GD topics were so easy which we had not expected like “Remix and Original”, “love marriage or arrange marriage”, “Marriages are made in heaven” etc.

In our group we were asked for which kind of topic we’ll prefer whether education, fun type or any thing else. We told fun type. As the topic was so easy that ‘Remix Vs Original’ everybody tried to speak and made it fish market. At last when results were announced my name was not there.


Okay Best of luck and I hope u will not face situation like me……


Sundeep Kumar Mallick



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