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SATYAM Job Placement Paper



Hi friends

I am very glad to say I have been placed in Satyam. I am uploading the paper of Satyam, on-campus recruitment held on 23rd June 2006, for both 2006 and 2007 batch.

1. Which day was 29th May 1983?
A.)Monday (always one qs on calendar is present)

2. A man takes 2600 Rs (not exact fig) on simple interest, and immediately lends it out at compound interest at 10% p.a for 2 yrs. What was his profit?
(Always 1 qs on compound interest)
3. 6 offices have 2 be allotted to six people: Salma, Clara, John, Jack, Tim, and Paul.the offices are side by side.Salma is given office with largest window. Clara can't stand people who smoke and speak. (Conditions not exact but similar)
1. Jack, Jack, Tim smoke.
2. John and Tim like to talk often.
3. Clara is given room no.5
Which room is Tim allotted?

Options: 3, 2, 1, can't say. (Ans room no: 3, not sure...)

I.)OA= 5 cm, TA=6 cm
II) TAB=30 degrees.
Which of the conditions is enough 2 find AB?

Options: I only, I only, both I and II, Neither.

5. Complete foll:
40 44
14 17 18
2 5 5 6

Ans: 95 (2+5=7+7 =14, 5+5=10+7=17..
14+17=31+9=40, 17+18=35+9=44

6. Given foll sequence, what is o/p of 73 44 65 25 62
Step I: 96, 85, 42, 55, 20
Step II: 192, 170, 84, 110, 40(96 x 2, 85 x 2, 42 x 2..
Step III: 40, 84, 110, 170, 192 (arrange above step in asc order)
Step IV: 42, 84, 112, 170, 194 (to alternate nos add 2: 40+2,110+2..
Step V: 207, 181, 119, 89, 45(42+3=45, Che tanaS 84+5=89,112+7=119,170+11=181,194+13=207, then arrange in desc order)

Thus follow above pattern for i/p: 73, 44, 65, 25, 62

7. A covers 1 1/4 times dist as B. If A gives b a lead of 200ms, how far is winning post so both reach at same time?(Refer R s Aggrwal, Races and games of skill)
Ans: 40 m.

8. Alloy of iron & zinc 5:6, alloy of zinc and copper 7:8, if both mixed, zinc in new alloy?

9. What is next fig?

10.1 qstn on probab

11. One passage given.ur asked 2 choose option which summarizes it best.

12. Another pssg and some question based on it is asked

For preparing refer Rs Aggrwal quantitative and also if possible try 2 refer Rs Aggrwal Verbal and Non-verbal


Each grp had 10 ppl.my topic was "should cricket be made the national game?"

NOTE: plz go in formal attire - girls salmar kameez +dupatta or trousers/shirt, (jeans, casual tops strict taboo..)

Try 2 initiate, raise valid points, it will be mayhem but try to be heard and be confident.


First it began with tell me abt urself, where do u stay, what r Ur hobbies.. ur project Etc?

Which is Ur fav subject? I said C++

1. What is object and class?
2. What is diff btwn overloading and overriding?
3. Syntax of inheritance from a class, give real life example of inheritance?
4. What is data abstraction?

Some other qstns
5. What is outer join, left outer join, how 2 find avg salary of employees given 2 tables?
6. Types of sorting techniques, how to delete a child node in binary tree (only algo)
7. Fibonacci series prog

For Extrx/Extc ppl separate panel is present which asks qstns pertaining to tat subject, but they may also ask basic c/c++'

Wish Everyone all the best!

(Paper Submitted By : Deepti Das)


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