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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-4 March 2006-Pune

I attained the test of satyam on 4-5th march in pune
There were near about 3500 students for the aptitude
From that they select 950 for gd
295 were selected from gd for pi
And finally from pi they select 141 candidates.

Q's of apti was like(I don't remember word to word but I will tell overview)
1. one date&day was given and asked for what might be the day on specific date
2. a simple program to trace the output
3. sachin+sehwag=..9 now if n=3 g=? Simple
4. a,b,c are workers and a&b can do a job in 4days a+b=4
now q was who can do that job alone in minimum days?
5. one was from English quite big passage and ask something from that
6. same English something but it was logical
7. rest of all were easy so that I crack it

Then in next round for gd there were group of 10 and give a topic and ask whether everybody is comfortable with it or not if yes continue else another topic

My topic was "sting operation"
From my team they select 5 peoples for the interview

Before interview they ask us to fill a form,. Containing personal info, education back, project u have done,carrer objective,why satyam,addition information abt u etc.

Next in technical interview they ask mostly from projects and some what from c
Like file pointer, seek function,
Ipc,thread,process,stack,queue, etc.

Next it was hr round (most of the student's technical and hr interview was taken collectively by the same persone and time was also very less)
In hr they ask abt current company,why satyam,family background..
And finally they declare result where they select 141 candidates


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