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SATYAM Job Placement Paper


SATYAM-Placement Paper-15 July 2006-Delhi

Totally 15 aptitude questions. 30 minutes given.

I dont Remember questions but i can tell u wht kinda questions came so that u can practise it from R.S Aggarwal.

There was questions on clock, calender, series, cards, age, 5 LR questions, and other are easy ones

The cut off was 4.5 marks there is a +1 for correct answer and -1/4for wrong answer. If u know answer then only u shd mark else not...

After that they took a GD

The GD group is chosen by random.. So u'll find ur self among strangers as they divided students of same branch in different grps. Actually there are groups of 8 people each. And most of them were not speaking much. they gave 1 min to think on the topic.

My topic was Pepsi and coke should be banned in India or Not? Be Confident and try to make some valid pts in the GD so that u come in Notice of the moderator. Dont speak much as one of my freind was not selected as he was speakin too much

Other topics :
1. Agni
2. Strike of Doctors

They Selected only 21 students from GD

Then ther was a Tech + HR Interview both Combined...
It was quite easy for me...They asked abt family background, ur weaknesses.. They may ask u to prove ur weakness so be prepared for it.
Then they asked C++ and DS as i was from IT Field
interview was quite easy.. so dont take tension of that
try to give answer for every question.. if u want to say NO then say it properly that u dont know the answer. Just be confident and make proper eye contact with the interviewer and also Smile in the interview so that they think u dont have any problem.


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