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SASKEN Labs Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - other


There are 10 ques. in three sections each, thus total 30 ques. 4 choices were given. 1 mark for each ans. no negative marking.
1 if phase of different frequency components of signal vary linearly then they all reach destination with delay
1) delay also vary linerly.
2) no change in delay,

2 what is the relation in dbm and db?
1) same
2) dbm is 10 times db
3) db is 10 times dbm
4) db is relative measure and dbm is absolute measure.

3 difference in PSK and QPSK
a. slower sample rate
b. greater sample rate
c. slower bit rate
d. greater bit rate.

4 what is the main problem with power line communication
a. high audio signal generation
b. seperation of modulating and career signal
c. (something) low pass filtering

5 a signal is to be transmitted 1000km long distance sending 10 mbps . if signal consists of 1000 bits/package and takes 5 microsecs. to transmit then how much data is to be send such that line gets fully filled.
a. 100
b. 500

6 if a process is wide sense stationary then
a. it's probability density function is also wss
b. power spectral density is wss
c. it's mean constant and auto correlation function depends only on time diff. t1-t2.

7 for intelligent sound signal transmission
a. low pass filter of 1.8khz is to be used.
b. hpf of 1.8khz

q.8 if a 32 bit number in fractional form is to be converted into float then it is multiplied with
a. 2^31
b. 1/(2^31 - 1)
c. 2^31 -1

9 if signal is sampled at 8 khz and the signal of 1 khz is transmitted then

q.1 char const *p='p' then which of below is true
a.**P =
(this question u can get from freshersworld sample paper)

q.2 recursive function
if count<=1
then result = 1;
result = count(n-3) + count(n-1)
for count(6) ans is:
a. 3
b. 6
c. 9
d. 12

q.3 for(i=0;i<=50;i++)

for(i=0;i<=50;i++) for this type of loop which one is faster
a. same
b. first
c. second
d. depends on s/w and h/w

4 #define putchar(%f,c)
int c='d';
what is the output?
a. ,b. some numbers
c. compiler error
d. segmentation error

5 file a
{ int a; }

file b
void main(void)
{ int b;
b= test();
what is the output
a. a
b. b
c. not compiled,error
d. compiles sucessfully,but give linker error

q.1 if 2a. (x^2)*y
b. y^2)x
c. 5xy

2 in parallelogram what values of angles r possible
i. 90,90,90,90
ii. 70,130,70,130
iii. 40,70,150,130
a. i and ii only
b,c,d,e : combinations

q.3 if x+y=z is given what can be inferred from it0
i. xii. xiii. x<2z
a. i only
b. i and ii only n ohter combi

4 if B is 8 miles in east from city A, c at 16 in north from B, D 16 miles in east of C, E at 12 in north of D then what is the distance b/t a and e.
a. 10
b. 20
c. 30
d. 40
e. 50

5 in a library for each single novell there r 2 science book and for each science book there r 7 economics books then the ratio of economics to science to novell is
a. 1:2:14
b. 2:1:7
c. 14:2:1

q.6 ira is taller than sam, harold is shorter than gene, elliot is taller than harold
sam and harold is of same height. thenwhich one is true.
a.sam is shorter than harold
b. elliot is taller than gene
c. ira is taller than elliot
d. elliot is shorter than gene
e. harold is shorter than ira

7 if a(n) is to be entered following the rule [ a(n)^2 - 1 ] then what r the next three enteries.
a. 0,-1,0
b. 2,3,4
c. 1,2,3
d. 0,-1,2
e. 0,-1,1
The test comprises of 2 sections:

1. Technical ( C ) & Technical Subject- 60 mins, 60 questions
2. Logical Reasoning.. - 30 mins,17 questions....



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