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Sap Labs Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 15 October 2006
Test Location : st.joseph pre university college,bangalore

SAP Test on oct 15
paper consisted of 2 sections: 1-logical (30 q's-30min)
2-technical(30 q's-30 min)
logical part(including apt q's)

1. two questions based on blood relations
2. some questions based on finding who is who-eg: 3 three persons namely mahesh,tapan,farhan who r director,producer,actor not respectively are staying together and some relations will be given using that we should find out who is who.
3. few basic apt q's from agarwal book(not so tough).
4. most of the q's on mathematical expressions-
for eg:+ indicates /,* indicates -,- indicates+,/ indicates *
evaluate the exp:2/3*12+2-3 some thing like that.
5. similar to above q,4 exp will be given and we should chech out which exp is correct,after replacing the respective symbols.
6. two stmts will be given n need to check whether stmt 1 is enough or stmt 2 is enough,or both -like that.(4 to 5 q's of this type).

here for this paper time mgmt is very very impt.

technical part( C)

1. few q's on finding the o/p.
2. few on identifying the correct algm(bubble sort,selection sort etc).
3. study pointers chapter very well coz most of the q's will be from that.
4. some q's on choosing the correct function to be inserted from the given options.
5. few numbers will be given n asked to arrange those using bubble sort or selection sort or some thing like that.

all the best,



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