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Sap Labs Placement Paper

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 12 August 2006
Test Location : Meritrac, New Delhi


This paper was quite different from the previously stated ones.

2 sections only. 30 mins each.
No negative marking. (although the page said -0.25... i was informed by the stupid guys when i was on the 2nd section!!!!!!)
All questions on a single scroll down page.
No RDBMS!!!!
Once the first 30 mins are over u ca't go back to the previous section.

Section 1 : Logical Reasoning (only 2-3 questions on %age,etc very simple)
30 questions/30 Mins.
1.(easy) ABCDEFG are lessons... they need to be taught according to some 5-6 given conditions ....
a) Which is the correct order?
b)Which lesson is a must if only 4 need to be taught.

2.(easy)Two politicians...winner % votes recd of total votes...?

3.Batsman...average runs in first innings... (lengthy question).

3 or 4 questions on Sufficiency.. (a lil tricky)

5 questions on replace the mathematical operators and evaluate... (Do we use BODMAS here???)

Basically all the questions very easy... i f u preapred for CAT even for just 1 month u'd get thru. But the questions were very much not solvable in 30 mins..

Section 2 : Technical (Algorithms/GraphTheory/C)
30 questions/30 mins

2-3 code snippets were given.. had to choose the correct algo complexity (big O)
1 code completion snippet on DFS (depth first search) (very easy)
1 question where graph was drawn.. had to choose the shortest path!! (childs play!!!)
Q) const can be used with a)array b)identifirer c)array argument d)all
Q) Find the incorrect statement : ans : dynamic allocation is done at compile time. (false)
Q)same ques repeated twice " what does adjacency matrix show?"
Q) 2-3 questions on prefix/postfix/infix conversion. (easy)

I finished the second section with 4 mins to spare. It was very easy. But the first was too lengthy and frustrating...besides they din tell me soon enough that there was no -ve marking.

All the Best



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