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Robert Bosch Placement Paper

Paper Type : Candidates Experiences
Test Date : 7 July 2006


Hello Frnds,

These are the interview q's i was asked in the Bosch on 07/07/2006 .

First of all he asked 's like tell me abt ur self, ur CET rank, and he also asked my maths score.

Then he started with the tech stuff

1. diff b/w DOS and UNIX?
2. which subject r u proficient in??(me C++)
3. wat is the diff b/w c and c++?
4. wat is features of c++?
5. wat is polymorphism?ex..
6. details abt my project?
7. lot of dbms stuff - wat is normalization?, how many codd rules r
there?, wat r they? , why do nedd them?
8. some queries? - wat does group by do ?
one query was - there is a relation called Salary which has attributes like empid, salary, level of employee. the q was group all the employees according th thier level, and calculate the sum of all salaries in aparticular level??
9. diff types of databases??
10. abt the system software lab project??
11. the some unusual stuff from maths ?? integration, differentiation
12.. Puzzles
a. There r three jars of capacity 8, 5 and 3 ltrs. U have to take out exactly 4 ltrs from the 8 ltr jar which is full initially and the other two jar(5 and 3) are empty.
b. next no. in the sequence 1 2 4 7 12 __

Lastly he asked if i have any q's ?????

Hope all this stuff becomes useful if u have any future interviews with Bosch

Just to give you an idea, these are things aked in my interview, go through more on storage class, volataile, bitwise operation, and project related.

(Paper Submitted By : Shreyas)



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