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Reliance Placement Paper

 Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 23 March 2008
Test Location : Gargi College, Delhi

Hello Friends, I took RIL written test on 23rd march 2008 at Gargi College.

It comprised of 2 tests:
1. Mental Ability Test MAT - 75 question in 30 mins
2. Subject test related to one's engineering. In my case it was Electrical & Electronics - 50 questions in 30 mins

MAT comprised of very simple question, english and simple maths. Does not need any preparation. All the questions were Multiple Choice Questions except a few in which we had to write the answer.

Some of the question i remember are:
1. if 3 balls cost 5 cents then how many balls can be purchased in 50 cents?
2. opposite of Love?
3. opposite of disgrace?
4. if 4.5 yards costs 90 cents then how much 2.5 costs?
5. which no. is wrong in series: 1 4 9 16 25 37 Some more questions on series which were very simple.
6. Question on Alphabets. Like a series of alphabets were given and we have to fine, no. of N followed by O which is followed by T.
7. What does tree have.
a. trunk b. leaves c. root
Ans is i think root
8. What a bird does not necessarily have.
a.wings b.mouth c.nest and 2 other options
Ans is nest
9. There where lot of questions on antonims, but were very simple.
10. Also questions on Diagram in which a triangle, rectangle and circle each representing some people was given. We have to solve ques related to the diagram.
11. So questions like, all club members are republican; anand is not republican. Then is Anand club member??
The 2nd Test was Subject test, for me Electrical based.
It was also multiple choice paper with few ques.s in which ans was to be written. It had questions from all the subjects of electrical and a few of electronics. Study relays, transmission line, Circuit breakers, power transfer from a transmission line, transformer, power systems, digital electronics.

Some numericals were also there, but were simple.
1. If a transform working on 400hz is made to work at 50hz then its power will become.?
ans is 1/8 th
2. if z=0.25pu in base when v=20kV and p=50m then what will be z in other system .(dont rem. full ques)
3.Questions on relays, like which relay will be operated first when a transformer's col fails.
4. similar ques on relays, on different failures on transmission line.
5. Questions related to Circuit Breaker, like what is that time called when acr restrikes. there were 3-4 similar questions.
6. Binary equivalent of 15?
7. What is that logic gate called, having 2 switches in series.
8. If Delta connection draw 45Amp current what will star connect draw?

In all exam was simple if u have ur basics clear.I got selected for the interview to be held in 2 days time.

Best of luck to u all.
Nikhil Singhal


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