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test conducted at RNS Institute of technology, Banglaore

This is for only B.E( Electronics & communication engg and  Telecommunication engg) students.  Who got more than 65%.

i wrote reliance communications limited written test on 15- feb-2007. i am a  2006 fresher.

there were totally two sections
Section  1 (multiple choice questions) 75 questions 30 mins
for this section no need to prepare any quantitative aptitude, reasoning, nverbal or non-verbal. Because all the questions are different..... some of them are...

1)opposite of hope?
2)some proverbs  given...we have to find the meaning.
3)odd man out type questions
4)some  number series questions...

this section is very simple...but time is important. we have to answer 75 ques in 30 mins.

Section  2: (Multiple choices questions) 50 questions 30 mins

For this section we have to learn the basics in Networking, OS.
They are also asked some questions in Optical communication., Laser..
Some of them are…( I remembered some questions)

1)LASER is a--------?
     a) a coherent light
     b) originated from stimulated emissions of radiation
     c) ( I cant recollect)
     d) both a and b
2)bridges are in which layer?
3)some IP address is given….we have to convert
4)some optical communication ques….
5)routers are used to------?
6)what are the two sub layers in data link layer?
7)which of the following are a FULL operating systems)
     a) dos
     b)  unix
     c) windows 3.1
     d)  OS/2
8)routers are present in which layer?
9)SONET  is a------? (optical  communication question)
10) some questions in CDMA…
I remembered only this…..sorry

Number of apperared candidates:350
They selected only…18  students( 12Boys+6G) for the second round technical.

I was not short listed in the first round. when I was  preparing for this reliance test  , some persons told me to learn all BE subjects….so I go through all the subjects(digital electronics,  microprocessors, analog  & digital communications, basic electronics) with the  help of GATE books.
But no use… the test was very simple… not subject based test.

but this may useful if u will select in the first round… coz…in the second round technical they asked questions from microprocessors,  networking and digital(my friend told))




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