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Prodex Placement Paper

ProdEx Technologies (Feb 6 2004)

1) Group Interview - (Almost like HR interview) - 15 persons in a group. (total 180 students)

* Tell me about urself
* Tell abt the company
* How u define success
* Aim in ur life
* Project
* similar type of questions

2) All questions based on C++ - 20 questions in 30 mins (not very difficult) (total 72 students)

3) HR Interview (total 15 students)

4) Psychometry Test (personality test) (total 7 students)

Some Questions

1) two questions based on aliasing concept in c++ ( swap)
2) few questions based on Inheritance
3) base constructors, derived constructors, 
4) some tricky questions using while, for and if loops
5) some oops concepts - polymorphism( overloading)
6) Find output

selection procedure in s.r.m : 
1.written test(in s.r.m they asked 20 C++ questions..it was very easy  it seems...and 15 was the cut off..in c++ questions were from the oops concepts-multiple choice type...) 

2.g.d & g.i(the second round was the group discussion and they also had the group interview and in this the frequently asked h.r questions were asked) 

3.interview(this is the final interview....it will consist of technical questions) 

selection procedure in venkateshwara : guys in venkateshwara the number of students taking up the test was  less..they had conducted a online test and it consisted of only aptitude  questions and it was ver easy...my friend said that if we have seen thro 
R.S.Agarwal book once it is more than enough..... 



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