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Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 13 July 2007
Test Location : GCT, Coimbatore


Hi all!
I am Karthik B.S. from GCT, Coimbatore. This year (2007) PCS (Patni Computer Systems) held the campus recruitment jointly for CIT and GCT at the formers campus on 13.07.2007.

The selection procedure consists of 3 stages:


15 questions Verbal (minimum cut-off is 8)

15 questions Critical Reasoning (minimum cut-off is 8)

30 questions Analytical Reasoning (minimum cut-off is 16)


Technical + HR

Verbal round was damn easy. A word from a sentence will be italicized and the closest-matching synonym has to be selected. The minimum cut-off here is 8 out of 15.

Critical Reasoning consisted of 15 questions. A paragraph was given about a family consisting of several members. Their professions were given. And you have to find who's who. A little bit of concentration will do.

Regarding Aptitude they asked ALMOSE ENTIRE QUESTIONS from Percentage, Profit and Loss and Ratio & Proportion. If you are strong enough in those topics, you can easily sail through in this round. R.S. Aggarwal and going through old PATNI question papers is enough.

In G.D., there were totally 9 batches. Each batch consisted of 9 candidates. The topic given to our batch was "Why are we not able to excel in other industries as we are in Software Industry?" The candidates in my batch were dominating to say the least. At one point of time some 2 or 3 guys were simultaneously "shouting" for nearly 30 seconds. And no wonder both were not short-listed. So the key-point here is don't try to dominate others in G.D. Utilize the opportunity when you get one. Finally, 5 from each batch were short-listed for the final Technical-cum-HR round. So totally 45 candidates were short-listed and I was one among them. :-)

The HR round was pretty easy. It lasted some 30 minutes. My panel consisted of single HR person only (which is both an advantage and a disadvantage). He asked some basic questions from DBMS, OOPS, my U.G. Project, SDLC, Networking etc.

Finally the results were announced at 7 p.m the same day. My name was read aloud even as my heart kept pounding out of anxiety. Woah! I am a PATNI-ite now! :-) Meet you at PATNI.


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