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ORACLE Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Technical - C & C++
Test Date : 11 July 2003

Campus Interview Conducted in Surathkal on 11th July -2003

Test was of 1 hour 30 questions. g aptitude and 30 of technical.......some questions. of aptitude
were very lengthy so don't end up in solving them.....time was less......some 15 questions. from
arithmetic......and rest 15 logical,statement interpretation,arrangement,tense correction......and
like that......

Given a square matrix which consists only of 1 and 0......find which rows,which cols and which diagonals consist entirely of 1's.

Given an array of integers find all possible combinations of the numbers whose sum equal to 90.....
ans : knapsack problem (in data structures - aho ullman)

Note : for them solution was not the criteria.......but the approach was important......the solution
should be generalised and optimized........optimization was given the top priority........

Technical Papers

const int MAX=10;
enum a {a,b,MAX};
print MAX;
ans. 2

enum variable is a const variable which can only be assigned a value at initialization or a non const variable which can be assigned any value in the middle of the program?
ans. const variable

void *p; what operation cannot be performed on p? ans : arithmetic operation unless it is properly typecasted

char **p="Hello";
print p,*p,**p
ans. Hello (null)
warning: suspicious pointer conversion

char str[]="Geneius";
print (str);
print(char *s)
ans. suiene

what does the function fcloseall() does ?
ans. fcloseall() closes all open streams except stdin,stdout,stderr,stdprn and stdaux

printf("Genius %d",fun(123));
fun(int n)
return (printf("%d",n));
ans. 123genius3

difference between definition and declaration. ans. definition once while declaration more than once

find the error?
void fun();
void fun()
int i=10;
return 2.0;
return 3.0;
ans. no error but warning

int a=9,b=5,c=3,d;
d=(b-c)<(c-a) ? a : b;
print d
ans 5

1+2/3*4+1=? Ans. 2

In C++, a variable can be defined wherever needed whereas not in C

int i=4;
print i;
fun(int i)
return i/2;
ans 1

what is an array ?
ans. contiguous collection of memory occupied by similar data types

printf("\"NITK %%SURAHKAL%% !\"");

difference between scanf and gets in case of string input ans. scanf does not accepts white space while gets does

table t1 m rows and x cols table t2 n rows and y cols
in t1*t2 rows? cols=?
ans. m*n ,x+y

symbol of realtionship between 2 entities?

which one cannot come in data modelling a. customer b. student c. office d. speed ans speed

can a database table exist without a primary key ?

whether higher normal forms better than lower forms as far redundancy is concerned ? ans. higher

file is at which level ans. conceptual level

what is a foreign key ans. primary key in some other table



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