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NOVEL  Job Placement Paper

                              NOVEL NETWORK PAPER

The paper consists os three sections.
1. aptitude 15 questions 20 min.
2. system concepts 20 questions 20 min.
3. 'c' 15 questions 20 min.


I'm sendin the questions, somany have no answers. U do check the
answers for all the given questions also.

All questions are MULTIPLE CHOICES ONLY.

U do try to cover the related topics to get some understanding.
In interview They are asking C C++ Operating system concepts
and Networks.
They will ask about Ur interesting subjects, U try to have good
grip on those intresting subjects.

They selected 11 out of 55 students.
They asked about c c++ project work and OS,NETWORKS.
But they selected only 2 , one from CS and another is BTech ECE.

SECTION 1 is main factor selection to the interview

In the interveiw you should be very active .And should be frank to say
no also.One CS student said that he don't know NETWORK and he hasn't
taken NETWORKS subject.But he has selected.

section 1::::;

*. GRE book test paper 3 section 5
question no. 8 to 12 (ships WXYZ starting on dec. 23rd..........)

* 5 programs are sheduled from monday to saterday, monday is not holiday,
PQRST are the programs. The day before P is holiday, and some other clues are
given, we have to find the sequence (4 questions)

ANS: tuesday is the holiday
P comes on wednesday ,
U can do the remaining very easily.
* Suppose U R the presoner, There are two guards Who will tell truth or
one will tell truth. There is a gate for liberty and another foe hell.

Some questions are given, like
i. are U tell truth?
ii. another tell truth or not??
iii. both of U R telling truth??
iV. both of U lieing??
V. --------------

they gave a. b. c. d. and asking about which sequencing is sufficient to
find the gate for liberty??
( I can't give exact thing)

* There are WIFE and HUSBAND at one side of river. They have one child,
They want to cross the river. The child can't be lonly. The boat boy won't
permit morethan one to cross the river, what is the correct way to
cross the river??

* There are 7 targets, A B and C has to shoot them. All should be shooted
1. The no. of chances for A and B are not less thn 2,
2. for C there is only one chance.
3. A can't shot 3 times consicutively.
4. B is permited to shoot in even chances only.

They have given some 3or 4 questions on this


section 3::

1.Max value of SIGNED int
a. b. c. d.
2.One questin is given, long one, to find the answer U should be
with the operation as follows

int *num={10,1,5,22,90};
int *p,*q;
int i;
print the value of i, and q-p, and some other operations are there.
how the values will change??
3. One pointer diff is given like this:
int *(*p[10])(char *, char*)
asked to find the meaning.
4. char *a[4]={"jaya","mahe","chandra","buchi"};
what is the value of sizeof(a)/sizeof(char *)
a. 4 b.bytes for char c-- d.--
( we don't know the answer)

5. void fn(int *a, int *b)
int *t;
int a=2;
int b=3;
print the values os a and b;
what is the output--- out put won't swap, the same values remain.

a. error at runtime
b. compilation error
c.2 3
d. 3 2
#define scanf "%s is a string"
what is the output.

ANS : %s is string is string

7. i=2+3,4>3,1;

ans is 5 only.
8. char *p="abc";
char *q="abc123";

print("%c %c",*p,*q);

a. aabbcc
b. aabbcc123
c. abcabc123
d. infinate loop ( this may be correct)
9. printf("%u",-1)
what is the value?
a. -1 b. 1 c. 65336 d. --

(maxint value-1 I think, check for the answer)

10. #define void int
int i=300;
void main(void)
int i=200;
int i=100;
print the value of i;
print the value of i
what is the output?

may be 100 200

int x=2;
printf("%d ",x);


int a[]={0,0X4,4,9}; /*some values are given*/

int i=2;

printf("%d %d",a[i],i[a]);

what is the value??? (may be error)

some other program is given , I can't remember it
U can get it afterwads,

the answer is 3 3, so U can check this in the exam. itself.

I'll send the remaining two afterwars whenever I get them. OK !



this test contains 2 papers
contains 3 sections
paper2=computer skill-30min-60questions-6sections-10questions each
i do not remember the q's.simple quantitative apt. q's.
but takes more time ,do fast.
1-8 q's on bus route. a b c d e
a x 8 15 20 7
b 6 x 9 13 21
c 10 12 x 3 11
d 9 1 18 x 5
e 3 4 17 14 x
where x is starting point.a&e are first and last stations.and b,c,d
are intermediate stations. fig's are no. of passengers.cost of ticket
is 0.7Rs /pass.
between any successive stations. based on this few q's were given.
the fig's
are not correct. q's like total no.of pass.in onward journey.
Rest of q's are
2 statements were given. u have to answer they are correct or not
simple q's from r.s agarwal_quantitative apt.
1.1/10power18 - 1/10power20 .....value?
1.general awareness.2.
1.father of computers
3.intel's first micropro...a.pentium b.pentiumproetc
4.1024(dec)convert to hexa&octal
5.first micro.pro.a)8085b)8088etc
6.motorola's processor name?
7.windows_NT expand
8.simple programs on pascal&c
9.diff between 8087,8086 (which is latest vers.)
10.some basic q's on GUI.
11.q's on IBMpc
12.one program on finding factorial
i remember only these q's. i will ask my pals about rest of q's.i
want to know
when mascot is coming.they have taken 14 from here. most of them are




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