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Ness Placement Paper

Paper Type : General - other
Test Location : Bangalore

Subject: (PAPER) ( EXAM PATTERN) NESS TECH bharatcs008

Hi friends,
This is the pattern of Ness technologies at Bangalore
It consists of 2 sections of written tests for 2 hours ,followed by GD and technical interview ,HR.
The written test consists of Aptitude 50 questions and technical 60 questions (all objective) .
The attitude mainly consists of logical reasoning. They give a passage (abt 4 lines) and ask questions on it . Its mainly English given in the aptitude section. Its better to prepare rs aggarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning.

Questions r like :

Experiment in a laboratory on 200 mice which r injected with x solution and other 200 mice injected with sugar solution. the effects following are given.30% of mice injected with x solution die due to jungle fever .:
Choose the correct option:
1. there is a possibility that that few mice which r given x soln are already infected with
jungle fever before the test.
2.people died in Africa due to jungle fever as they r infected from mice.
3.soln x leads to jungle fever.

Questions in tech r easy but all topics are covered.
client server model(5 questions)
sql(15 questions)
dbms(5 questions)
c(20 questions)
cpp(15 questions)

the questions r like:
1.an algorithm is given on deletion and asked to find whether it is 1.queue2.stack 3.list

2.questions on graphs which sides . r ||el .

3.questions on roots and null branches.
A tree containing n nodes has how many null branches. N+1

4.questions on container class. In cpp.

5.client server protocol (what r functions of client and protocol)

6. 2 tables r given and questions are askes on it.
Queries r given and answers are given (u should choose the correct one).

7. query is given and 4 queries followed which would lead to the same answer as above.

8.the tales r like:

region table:
n north
s south
e east
w west

sales table;
city region sales names sex etc
lucknow n 675 anil, nicky m
lucknow n 600 kumar m


Bombay w 550 ashwini f
Bombay w 700 siva m

Calcutta e 450 Madhu m
Delhi n 600 ghani m

Some more rows are given

Questions r like
select city from sales data where name=%ani%.
Select city from sales data where avg(sales)>550.
Select *from sales data where avg(sales)>all(select sales from sales data where sex=f).
Ans the query containing max(select sales from salesdata where sex=f)

9.questions r given on Integrity in DBMS. (what is domain integrity ,referential integrity).

10.fully functionally dependant (which normal form.)

11. C and C++ sections contain both programs and theory questions (u need to round the correct answers).



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