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MindTree Placement Paper

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 17 July 2006
Test Location : Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur


MINDTREE was the first software company to visit the Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur campus for campus placements. The entire procedure was of two days- 17th and 18th July, 2006. It consisted of the following things:-

1) Aptitude Test
The aptitude test was the first level to be crossed. The eligibility criteria for the test was 65% in aggregate from IT, ETC, CST or EE departments. The test was actually outsourced to a US-based agency known as 'Professional Aptitude Council'. The test they conducted was composed of 2 parts:-
a) Part One - This consisted of time-based sections ranging from Diagrams, IT reasoning, quantitative analysis to approximations and chart viewing. The different sections had times allotted as 30, 20, 6 and 2 minutes and total questions were 105.
b) Part Two - This consisted of various sections but no time-bound sections. The questions here ranged from Basic computer knowledge to logical reasoning to Psychometry and knowledge about the various topics. This part was allotted a total time of 75 minutes and total questions were 140.
So the total time was 133 minutes and the total questions were 245.

2) Group Discussion
For the group discussion, which was held on day 2 after the Pre-placement talk (PPT) there were 90 students chosen. They were divided into 9 groups of 10 each. Each group was given a different topic to discuss. Some of the topics were:
i) If you get up tomorrow morning and you find that the Internet has vanished, will it be good for society or not?
ii) MNCs vs. Indian companies
iii) Indian IT companies are ruining business etc etc

3) Personal Interview
From the 90 students chosen for GD, 37 were chosen for the personal interview. They were called in one-by-one and interviewed. Each student was interviewed by one person only. The interviews were partly technical and partly HR. Some were asked questions from their vacational trainings whereas some were asked questions regarding the Linux User's Group at BESU, Shibpur.
Finally 22 students were chosen. The departmental break-up was 10 from Information Technology, 6 from Electronics and Telecommunication, 3 from Electrical Engineering, 2 from Computer Science and Technology and 1 from MCA.





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