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Max-Soft Placement Paper


MAXSOFT Paper Technical - Electronics - 16 July 2006


Electronics Design Automation Domain (EDAD)


1.       Which transmission line supports Quasi-TEM

a) Stripline              b) Microstrip Line          c) Coupled Stripline       d) Coaxial Line


2.       Two isotropic antennas are separated by a distance of 2 wavelengths, if both the antennas are fed with currents of equal phase and magnitude the number of lobes in the radiation pattern in the horizontal plane are

a) 2            b) 4      c) 6      d) 8

  3.       Given S-parameter corresponds to which microwave component
a) Power Divider                 b) Coupler                     c) Circulator                  d) Filter


4.       EMPIRE is based on which method

a) FEM                   b) BEM                        c) FDTD          d) MOM


5.       1 watt is

a) 10dBm                b) 20dBm          c) 30dBm          d) 40dBm


6.       Where is the LNA placed

a)      Between Antenna and BPF

b)      Between Antenna and Power Amplifier

c)      Between Antenna and Mixer

d)      Between Mixer and Antenna


7.       A rectangular air filled wave-guide has cross section of 4cm x 10 cm. The minimum frequency which can propagate in the wave-guide is

a) 1.5 GHz              b) 2 GHz           c) 2.5 GHz        d) 3.5 GHz


8.        A 1km long microwave link uses two antennas each having 30dB gain. If the power transmitted by one antenna is 1w at 3GHz the power received by the other antenna is

a) 98.6 m watts        b) 63.4 m watts c) 76.8 m watts              d) 55.2 m watts




9.       Which of the following is True or False

a)      Data rate is inversely proportional to Distance

b)      Antenna acts as a load

c)      Directivity is inversely proportional to Distance

d)      Patch antenna is used in high power applications.


10.  The far-field region is commonly taken to exist at (D is the maximum overall dimension of the source)

a)      Distances greater than 2D2/ from the source

b)      Distances lesser than /4 from the source

c)      Distances greater than /4 from the source

d)      Distances lesser than 2D2/ from the source


11.   If the frequency were 12GHz, what would be the wavelength?

a) 25mm     b) 2.5mm          c) 0.25 mm       d) 250mm


12.   What is the frequency range if the antenna is operating at Ku-band?

a) 4-8GHz   b) 8-12GHz       c) 12-18GHz     d) 18-27GHz


13.   For a given permittivity of 4 and permeability of 2, what is the wave impedance?

a) 266.5      b) 533.0            c) 377.0                        d) 133.2


14.   In Smith chart, what is the wavelength it will cover for the first 1800 or first half circle.

a)             b) /2               c) /4               d) 2

15.   If source impedance is 50 Ohms and the load impedance is 100 Ohms, what will be the line impedance of the Quarter Wave Transformer?

a) 14.14 Ohms        b) 50 Ohms       c) 1.414 Ohms  d) 70.7 Ohms


16.   Compute the skin depth of copper at a frequency of 20GHz. (Conductivity of copper = 5.813 x 107 mho).

a) 8.14 x 10-7           b) 6.6 x 10-7      c) 6.4 x 10-7      d) 4.6 x 10-7


17.   Zigbee network is mainly used for

a)      Signaling and Monitoring

b)      High Speed Data Transfer

c)      Voice Transfer

d)      Video Transmission


18.   Ideal Power Supply has

a)      Zero internal resistance

b)      High O/P resistance

c)      High I/P resistance

d)      Low O/P resistance


19.   Which type of transmission line will have maximum value of characteristic impedance

a)      Open Wire line

b)      Coaxial Cable

c)      Twin lead line

d)      None

20.   Write the relation between Standing Wave Ratio and Reflection Coefficient?


21.   Draw the equivalent circuit of the transmission line.


22.   What is resonance?


23.   Write syntax to define a function in MATLAB.


24.   Mention few applications of EMPIRE.


25.   What is the size of a pointer?




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