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Mastek Placement Paper

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 8 July 2006
Test Location : Fr.CRIT (Agnels), Vashi

Mastek Question Paper Pattern

Mastek Campus Placement in Fr.CRIT (Agnels), Vashi on 8th July 2006


1) Aptitude
3) GD
2) HR Interview. No Technical Interview.

I am Yeshodhan S Kulkarni. I had attended the Mastek Campus Placement in Fr.CRIT (Agnels), Vashi on 8th July 2006. Around 90 students had atended. 9 cleared the aptitude. GD is there if more students clear the aptitude. There was no GD. 5 got selected in HR. They had a presentation for 1 and 1/2 hour. After the presentation they immediately started with the Aptitude. The Package was aroung 2.66 Lacs Per Annum.

The Mastek Question Paper pattern is as follows:

80 questions 80 minutes.
0.25 negative marking.
Each subsection consists of 10 Questions.
No sectional cutoff.

4 Sections

Section 1: Logical
There are 2 subsections in this section.
1.1 This is simple arithmatical logic.
1.2 Logical Venn Diagrams..few statements are given the you have to deduce the Venn Diagram for those statements.

Section 2: Verbal Abilities
There are 2 subsections:
2.1 Verbal Inference.
In this section, a statement is given. From the options, you have to find out the most similar in meaning to the one given.
(Similar to CAT Verbal pattern)
2.2 Passage and Question & Answers.

Section 3: Flowchart.
2 flowcharts were given in this section. The flowcharts were incomplete. They give the objective of the flowchart that tells exactly what the flowchart is for. You have to fill up the boxex that are incomplete. Incomplete boxes are numbered. You have to select an option for that particular number.

Flowchart 1: Print Prime Nos from 1 to 100. (I wasted most of my time here)
Flowchart 2: Find the largest no. from given numbers. (Go for this one first its easy I heard)

Section 4: Quantitative Aptitude
3 Subsections:
4.1 A bit difficult quants questions from RS AGGARWAL. If you do it properly, its easy.
4.2 & 4.3 were also from RS AGGGARWAL. Very easy sections.


Guys, although I didnt clear, actually I didnt knew how was the paper going to come rather I didnt knew the the pattern. I had stressed more in Antonyms and Synonyms in which I was very strong. But didnt knew it wasnt there in this apti. So, dont prepare these for Mastek.

1) The answer sheet is quite confusing. So mark each answer properly.
2) Solve the Quants Section first. Its damn easy.
3) Attempt the flowchart section at last.
4) Once you get the question booklet, dont get baffeled. You have to turn a lot of pages. So be prepared for that mentally.

I didnt clear the Aptiude, so dont know anything about the HR.
Mastek is a very good company guys. Dont miss it.

Well, this is a small contribution from my side to all those aspiring for jobs. All the best from my side to ALL.
Do post a feedback if helpful.



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