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Mastek Placement Paper

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 6 July 2007
Test Location : K.J.S.C.E (Vidyavihar) , Mumbai


hi frns,
dis is MILESH.i got thru in MASTEK after failing 5 companies prior 2 mastek and dis d 6th one brought me mental satisfaction.dat memorable day was 6th july 2007 in k.j.somaiya(vidyavihar) wen i got thru.

guys i jus need 2 mention a simple fact : jus leave behind all ur failures and jus remember ur goin better & learnin after every failure.rite so cheer up frns & concentrate henceforth.

selection criteria was above 58 percent widout any backlogs. stages:

1 General aptitude test

2 Technical interview

3 HR interview


MASTEK paper was almost a repetitive paper of previous year.ppl u'l find it in 'freshersworld'. remeber answer sheet was very confusing so better b careful while markin ur ans. now paper was of 3 major sections.

section 1:

dere were 2 subsections containin series questions and simple elementary maths.

section 2:

dere were 3 subsections containin 1 RC(READG COMPREHENSN),1 relations question(a different question wich ul find only in MASTEK apti very,very easy.

1 subsection of FLOWCHARTS .DERE WERE 2 FLOWCHARTS wich u need 2 decode and den ans five questions per flowchart.(challenging subsection.i will advice u 2 attempt dis at d end)

section 3:

pure mathematics questions (total 20 questions)

pls do prepare TIME,WORK,PROFIT-LOSS,PERCENTAGES,AGESdats more dan enough from R.S.AGARWAL.

frns u mus b thinking dat in section1 also I mentioned some maths ques bt dise ques r very-very simple and most of d ques can b solved using common sense.

Total dere r 70 ques(20,30,20) in 70-75 mins. Negative marking of 0.25, No sectional cut-offs

Remember overall cut-off is very-very high approx. 65% .pls b very careful while marking ur ans.bt remember paper is very-very simple.a good logical and cool mind will definitely crack it.

All d best!!!!!!!!!

Around 200 students appeared; of dose shortlisted candidates from apti were only 69.jus chk out d selection and cut-off.

I was 1 of dem and den came d next step of technical interview.My chance came at 4:30pm .


MASTEK is known for its tech.intervw.so first step is study ur resume well.u shuld b able 2 ans all ques arising from ur resume. Be very careful wid ur technical skills and project dat uve appended in ur resume.

Let me share wid u all my intervw

My tech intervw lasted for 90 mins(long time na.). First 15 mins was a kind of HR. Den d game begin.

D interviewer was very chilled out in casuals.he asked me abt my WT PROJECT and specially my contributn in dat project. I was able 2 ans him well.

He den asked me wat have u learnt from dese 3 years of engg.?

I answered sir, as d engg studies r theoretical so v students r not into practical aspect of d subjects studied much derefor trainin phase is very imp.i have learnt 2 manage myself and 2 handle stress well in dese years.( quite a diplomatic ans bt wen ul read further ul get 2 kno how I was stress interviewed.)

Den he asked me a question wich was a kind of project 2 me. The ques was if 1 clicks url of reliance den 1 shuld get d required data. Actually ques was very complicated bt I was able 2 debug only dis part of d ques.i asked him2 grant me sum time & he den came aftr 15 mins.

I explained dynamic pages concept 2 him. Lukin his expressn I learnt dat hes not convinced. I thought Il b kicked out of mastek so I from my side brought 2 his notice dat I kno C,C++,DATA STRUCTURES well. U can consider dis as a very bold gutsy move from my side bt d situatn demanded dis.

Den he asked me wich is d best soting method?

I answered HEAP SORT

I explained heap sort wid an example 2 him.

Den he asked me 1-2 difficult ques wich I culdnt remember as I didnt ansd dem..he was generous enough coz he gav me 20 mins 2 ans dem bt I was unable 2 do so.

Den he told me dat my score is negative, here came my strong points jus pay attention further.

I told him dat since heap sort is creatin problem so wel choose quick sort and began explainin dat 2 him.

He told me dat am good at marketing and was persuading me 2 go for MBA and not IT BACKGROUND.bt here came my real test and strictly told him dat am NOT plnnin for mba( jus dont reveal ur further studies plan 2 dem-never.if u reveasl den sure ul b rejectd). I told him dat since I am doin my engg in computers so want 2 b an IT PROFESSIONAL for initial part of my career and since every companies inclusive of IT requires marketing. Dis was a smart ans and den he asked me 2 leave.

After cumin out I felt dat mayb il b rejected.bt after 10 mins 2 my surprise he himself came out and told me dat Iv 2 go thru 1 more intervw and asked me 2 wait in dat special room itself. D volunteers told me d guys whor thru for next round r only allowed 2 wait here in dis special place. I den felt much better and much confident for next round.

It was 6:15pm . I had nothing from d morning bt thnx 2 volunteers who gave some biscuits.i was made 2 wait for 2 hrs at a stetch and at 8:20 I was called for HR intervw.


INTERVWER was a young, beautiful lady.

She was very-very strong in her English and had n anglo-indian accent.

Den came first ques:

I saw u waitin for quite a long time. How r u feelin now?

Ans: feelin perfect. For me job cums first.

She broke me and told datdis is wrong attitude ur life is far more imp dan job.

Den I told her dat I want gud job for better secured future.

Den she told me dat dont giv me diplomatic ans ,I want concrete ans from u.

I was den a bit nervous bt I kept myself calm and brought myself back 2 track.

Q:Y computers?

I explained d difference btwn COMPS AND IT 2 HER.(ANS:COMPUTERS deals wid both HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE while IT only deals in software.iwas fascinated from my 10th std wid computers and wanted 2 kno each & every integral hardware in computer)

Q; Wat is hardware?

I explained it properly 2 her.

Q: wat d first thng ul do after leavin dis room?

I told her Il first pack my bag and den Il have sumthng.

Q: wat new technologies u kno?

I explained her abt BLUERAY DISCS IN detail( blue ray discs r latest discs wid a memory capacity of 4-8 gb).den she broke me in between and asked me

Q: how u keep urself updated?

I told her dat thru newspapers,tv and computers.

Q: wich sites u search for technologies?

I told her dat no special sites as such I jus search on google

Q: wat u kno abt mastek.i mean abt its lates projects?

I explained her abt mastek dat I culd remember and mentioned her abt masteks LRR PROJECT(BIGGEST . NET PROJECT being workd upon london s congestn and traffic)

Guys pls attend d ppt(pre-placemt talk well and note d imp points. Dis is imp step for any company and not only for mastek)

Q: y mastek shuld hire u?

( dis ans of mine is 1 of d most famous ans in my college)

ans: MASTEK as d name suggest is MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY and I want 2 b a master. Apart from hardworking and sincere I seriously follow 3 DS




Q: wats ur short term goal and long term goal?

Short term goal is 2 b a group leader and 2 b a project head 2 handle various projects

Long term goal is 2 b CEO of d organztn

(she intervened in btwn: )

Q: y CEO wat is CEO and wat does CEO DOES?


ANS: ceo is chief executive officer

CEO actually supervises execution of various activities in d orgnztn.

Q: do u want 2 ask nethng?

( pls here I made a blunder bt luckily had a narrow escape)

ans: I asked how a fresher is absorbd in a company and wat happens in d trainin phase. Is he/she is supervised by any supervisor.

She answered dese ques .den came another ques from my side

I asked if an employee is not gud in technical and if hes gud in marketing or other stuff den wat opportunities d cmpny provides ?

She answered.den atlast I stopped and was asked 2 leave.

( warning: dont ask many ques like me. Jus ask a simple plain ques widout afectng d prestige of d organizatn and never ever discuss wid d interviewer. )

dis interview lasted for 35-40 mins. Den after 10 mins I was given d news of my life thru an volunteer dat I was selected. It was 9:20 pm

Den at 9: 40 I was called for verification of my certificates. Den at 10 pm I was awarded wid n offer letter. Total 26 got placed on 69 shortlisted candidates. By gods grace I was 1 of dem.

Guys jus b wat ur are. Jus b self-confident .dont cross d thin line of confidence and overconfidence. Guys jus follow d instns and dis was all dat I can share.

ALL D BEST!!!!!!!!!!


Milesh nima



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