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LIONBRIDGE Placement Paper

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper

Hi members/friends ,

This is Suresh Kumar from Madha engineering college chennai ,I am 2006 passout .First of all i would like thank freshersworld for providing the placement papers of all the companies and helping the students for their interview preparations.Any doubts or any help in preparation please dont hesitate to mail me : msureshkumar_07@yahoo.co.in.

Recently I have placed in LionBridge Technologies,Teynampet,Chennai (www.lionbrige.com) by God's Grace.

I have seen all the job sites for the placementpaper for LionBridge Technologies company but i didt get even the pattern of the Test Paper , so i would like to contribute some of them .

I have attended First round of interview on 5-7-07 ....We went thro' consulantancy as (fresher ).Around 60 students ,all were2006 and 2007 passed outs .
In the First round we had
1.Aptitude questions (study R.s Agarwal thats enough to clear this round ) 75% easy only .---65 questions ---choice answers..
2.Technical questions (Java )objective type ,normal questions will be there ...not the debugging like _____ which is not a keyword 1.sizeof 2.boolean .... like this only ..easy study the basics in jave and very questions will be there from J2EE...-------------50questions--- Choice answers.
3.Written Test(English ) In this round there will be three topics ( General Topics like science and Tech) , u have choose one and wirte about that topic for 250 words .....Normally everyone will get cleared .

After these rounds HR will be telling the students who have not cleared .Around 30 of them got selected including me.

4.Group Discussion ....This round is the elimination round .They checked for Boldness ,initiator ,conclusion ,Time management ,giving importance to all ,
And regarding the Topic general topics ,no need to worry .It will b the current topics .People with excellent communication can easily clear this round .only 12 of them got selected for the next round

This 4 rounds got over by 2.30 pm on 5.07.2007. Hr told that we (6 people )will be having next round techincal one to one in java on the same day at 8pm .Hr also asked us prepare on Java ,J2ee ,Sql ,Pl/Sql .and come prepare for the interview.

5.Techincal one to one at 8pm on 5.7.7. Some of questions from java like
a. Exceptiion handling in java (with full explanation)
b.Collections -Groups of objects (i think)
c.Access specifiers( public ,private....)
d.like this some questions

and full explanations on project which i have in java .So i explained welll.....Mainly they check the level knowledge and also communication .....
That Techincal guy told Hr will be calling you tomor if u have been shortlisted ....

Tomorrow that is (6.07.07) around 4 pm ,i received a call from them , Hr told me that i hav ebeeen shortlisted for the next round ,with the global delivery head
and it has been scheduled at 5.30pm (6.7.07).Only three of them got shortlisted for this round

6.Premilinary Hr round was there before this round ....Normal Hr questions No elimination will be there .

7. Techincal round ...one to one with Global delivery head ...Senior most person in that branch ..
Questions he asked me are
a.wat is schema
b.why computerscience u have taken as ur branch?
c.Why java project?
d.Like this many questions

This round lasts for 16 min.I am last one to attend in rest of three guys .I was so tensed Because one word can change my life .

After 10 minutes Hr came and called me inside the panel .
Then she told the mistakes i have done in the last round ...( i thought i have not selected )

But All of sudden ,She Gave me the OFFER LETTER and Congrats me ....I was shocked ....I am very much delighted ......I am suprised .Finally I GOT PLACED in LIONBRIDGE on 6.07.2007 at 8 pm .Thank God .Any doubts or any help in preparation please dont hesitate to mail me : msureshkumar_07@yahoo.co.in.

But this is not my first company or second company attending the interview .This is my 34 th company i am applying for.

Few companies that i remember are

1.Infosys --- not selected in first round
2.Tcs ---- not selected in first round
3.Cts ---Cleared first round , not selected in techincal round
4.Verizon ---Cleared first round , not selected in techincal round
5.Accenture ---cleared first round ,selected in G.D round,selected HR round,not selected in techincal
6.Mphasis-----cleared first round ,selected in G.D round,selected HR round,not selected in techincal
7.Patni---------cleared first round ,not selected in G.D round,
8.HCL----------cleared first round ,selected in Technical round,not selected HR round
9.American Mega Trends ------------not selected in first round
10.Velakanni --------------------(banglore)cleared first round ,selected in Technical round,not selected HR round.
11.L&T --------First round selected and no information from them for the next rounds
12.Allfon------not selected in first round
13.Honeywell ---not selected in first round
14.Satyam--------not selected in first round
15.Slash Support --------3 times attended ....Not even selected for first round ...
16.SutherLand ----------6 times Atttended ...Not selected till final
17.AllSec----3 times Went upto HR round ....Totally 4 rounds are there...
18.Vernalis ----not selected in first round.
!9.Wipro spectra mind ----not selected in first round
20.IGate ---------------not selected in first round
21.DRDO--------------not selected in first round
22.STATE BANK-----------not selected in first round
23.Lason -------cleared first round ,selected in Technical written round,selected 3rd round,not selected in techincal one to one .
24.IC Infotech ----cleared first round ,not selected in techincal

like this many companies ......see i have searched job for hardly 16 months ...1 and half years ....Finally I got the nice job ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
One kind request Please dont lose hope ...Keeep on preparing for the interviews .....All the best ....Any doubts or any help in preparation please dont hesitate to mail me : msureshkumar_07@yahoo.co.in. I wll help u .Sure U will also get placed soon in Good company ....

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