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Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 18 January 2008
Test Location : Bbdit,Ghajiabad


hi friends...this is VIVEK KUMAR TOMAR I attended pool campus of LnT on 18th jan. 2008 at bbdit,ghajiabad and got selected finally. There were students from 4 colleges n were about 450. Around 90 students were selected for HR and tecnical interview finally around 11 got selected.

Here is the pattern for apti dear frnds
1.logical reasoning (30 ques) 30 min
2.English section (30 ques) 30 min
3.Quant. section (30 ques) 30 min

For Apti go through rs aggarwal, the imp chapters well, thatís enough but do them thoroughly.

There were Three panels and my interview went like this...................

vivek:"good evening sir"
HR :"plz have ur seat"

vivek: "thank you sir"

HR:"Introduction "

vivek:"sir myself vivek kumar..i am pursuing my b.tech from FET GKV...{main apni b.tech fet gkv se kar raha hoon}...i secured 81% in my 12th class...{12th me maine 81% aaye}...and 83% in 10th class both from c.b.se borad..

HR:"Why u got less percentage in 2nd sem"..

vivek:"sir i was learning web desinging in my 2nd sem and i was too much invovled in that... so i got less percentage"

HR:"What is ur fav. subject"

vivek:"sir C language and data structure"

HR:"u are electronics student and u are choosing the subjects of computer science "

vivek:"C was in our 2nd sem and ds in 3rd so they become my favrite"

HR:"Hw willl u rank urself in c language out of 10".

vivek:"8 out of 10"

HR:"Are u sure".

vivek:"yes sir"

He gave me the paper on which a C question was already written...it is the question using recursion

int i=0;

vivek:"sir it will printf 0 on the screen infinitely"

HR:"okay ,what is static"

i told the static and also i told him that use of static in above program will change the output of above program and it will print 1 to 50

HR:"what is palindrome"

vivek: i told..

HR: "write a program for palindrome without using strlen,strcmp,etc.

program bana hi raha tha beech me bola...okay ur approach is good...

HR:"How is ur electronics are u comfortable with mup"

vivek:"yes sir"

HR:"Tell me the total no. of registers in 8085 "

vivek:"i told 6 general purpose, 1 aaccumulator, 1 flag register"

HR:"Write the names"


HR:"what is the size of accumulator"

vivek:"8 bit"

HR:"R u sure?"

vivek :"confirm sir "

HR:"write a program to add 20 and 50"

vivek:"MVI A,20 MVI B,50 ADD A HALT :"

HR:"can u speak on any topic ?"

vivek:"yes sir "

HR:"okay speak on your self"

vivek:"Well i am very nice guy..friendly in nature...i got lot of friends... i daily writes dairy..i plays guitar...i was awarded by the chief minister of delhi... i am very innovative...i have designed a project using grahics and mouse control in c language... i have designed two game in C language... i am very creative .. i have designed website too..."

Friends don't lose such oppurtunity and speak whatever u are and whatever u did...don't wait he will ask about ur achievements ...just tell them..


03:45 pm

vivek: "good evening madam"

hr:"good evening pls be sitted"

vivek:"thank u madam"

hr:"introduction "

vivek:"myself vivek kumar, i am pursuing my b.tech from fet, gkv.my branch is electronics. i got 83% in 10th class and 81% in 12th class both from cbse board, i am from delhi .my hobby is writing dairy.i like listening to music.guitar playing is also my hobby.......thats it"

hr:"favourite subject of ur school days"


hr:"What in math"

vivek(thoda soch kar):"algebra"

hr:"What will be the combination of 5 persons sitting around a round table"

vivek:"sorry madam,i don't knw"

hr:"Formula for binomial expansion"

vivek:"madam (1+x) ke power n is equal to nC0 + nC1 + nC2+......."

hr:"Formula for permutation"

vivek(dimag pe khoob jor deke ):"madam...P...n...madam ....p...yes nPr is equal to n!/(n-r)!"


hr:" Spell anesthesia"




hr:"are u sure"

vivek:"no madam i am not sure"

hr:"How much u scored in math in 10th and 12th std."

vivek(thoda sa sochkar):"madam in 10th 84 and in 12th 86"

hr:"good u scored nice marks "

hr:"why u are studying in haridwar as u told me that u are from delhi"

vivek:"madam i gave aieee exam and i got FACULTY OF ENGG. AND TECHNOLOTY,GKV HARIDWAR"...

hr:"okay SO u are from aieee".

hr:"okay vivek do u want to ask any question from me"

vivek:"in what aspects does the life of a person changed after being part of professional world"

hr: "..she told ..".

vivek:"thank u " .

hr:"thank you vivek you can go now".

After two days they announced the results n I was one of the eleven students who have been SELECTED . Really my placement experience had many unexpected turns but I canít discuss them now.....but according to my friend ďPRAY PRAY N PRAY TO GOD THATíS ALL ..................SUCCESS WILL BE URS...........ALL THE BESTĒ


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