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Hai, I am VinodKumar, from NIT TRICHY,

On 29-07-08, L&T(ECC) came to our college for campus recruiting,

The selection process is different for graduates and post graduates,

I am doing M.Tech (electrical), for one hour they conducted test for 60 marks,

30 one mark,15 two marks, no negative marks.

The test was completely based on respective subjects only; they are allowing mechanical, civil, environmental engg students along electrical.

The subjects they covered are power systems, power electronics, electrical machines,

Electrical measurements, simple logical circuits,

I remembered only few questions

1. Convert 16 into binary form ……..

2. In which gate o/p is 1 when all i/p are 1

3. What is moving coil ammeter reading, if supply is (10+15 sin 314 wt),

4. If voltmeter reads 100V,if we want to measure 150 what we have to do

5. Y-delta starter used in induction motor for………..

6. In a balanced Y connection if VAN=400at 60,what is VBN ……………..

7. for unity TMS 10 sec, what about 0.5 TMS ………………ans: 10(chck it).

8. 400V,15 kW,4%slip,50 Hz, 4 pole what is the torque,

9. what r the factors influencing change in torque &speed

10. buccholtz relay is used for
11. lightening arrester is used for
12. what is the power dissipated in i=10+5 sin 314wt for 2ohm resistor

14. what should be the impedance value for 3-4j,for max power transfer

15. if current required for triggering thyristor at -30 degrees(temp) is 80 mA, what is the current required at 60 degrees.

16. Question regarding thevenins resistance

17. Fourier series expansion like periodic signal ……..

18. Question regarding reactive power compensation ………

19. Question regarding positive sequence currents …some L-L-G fault occur on 3 – ph network Ia current……like

20.400v,50ohm resistor , inductive reactance 100ohm , circuit to be resonance ,find the voltage across capacitor

21. what is the ideal power loss for 1.1mH & 11.86 nF, length is negligible


22. sync motor is used for

23. In Q factor which resonance is used…ans: series.

24. regarding p.u. values

25. regarding voltage bus parameters (3 ph networks)

26. charging of capacitor

27. reactive power compensation

28. Poles location

29.I controller is used for ……………..steady state error reduction…

I cleared the written test little bit easy but there is cutoff of around 35 marks (60) and I got around 40 marks .
Then after technical + hr round it is quiet easy they ask simple questions regarding power systems protection and machines .
Be Prepare Very Well ; All The Best


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