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Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 24 January 2008
Test Location : Dehradun Institute Of Technology, Dehradun


Hi this is Bhuwan Rawat from Dehradun institute of technology. I got through in L&T infotech on 24th jan 2008 conducted in Dehradun institute of technology, Dehradun

The test comprised of 90 questions equally divided into 3 sections given below
Quantitative Aptitude 30 quesstions
Verbal 30 questions
Logical Reasoning 30 questions

There were 3 sets of papers & everything was professionally managed.

* Profit & Loss
* Number Systems
* Linear Equations
* Permutations & Combinations
* Time speed distance
* Time & Work
* Mixtures & Allegations
* pipes and cisterns

All are really simple & basic problems. Concentrate more on fundamentals

1) A red light glows every 10sec, yellow every 15sec and red every 18sec.find the number of times all three glow together from 8:00AM To 9:00AM (including both times)?
2) If age of a person is x and his mothers age is 34. then after how many years will the mothers age be twice of the son?
3) Three problem on Arithmetic progression and geometric progression.
4) One on mean.
5) Matrix addition?
6) Find the determinant of a 3*3 matrix?
7) A man buys two watches at Rs.540. He sells one watch at 10% profit and other at 15% loss. He didnít gain any profit or loss. What was the cost of the watch.
8) Value of diesel is 5.40 and petrol is 4.20. if petrol valueIncreases with 40% per week after how many week wil it overcome the Value of Diesel.
9) 5 questions were on bar graph. Very simple ones.
10) If a can give b a lead start of 10 meters and c a lead start of 17 meters how much lead start can b give to c.
11) If average of three innings of a is 75. and the average score of First two innings is 75% then how much did he score in the third Inning?
12) no. divide by 5 & 7 gives remainder 3 & 7. if same no. is divided by 35 then what is the remainder?
13) (72+70+68+_ _ _ +40) =?
14) Three taps A and B can fill up a tank in 10 min,15 mins and 21 Mins respectively. They are opened together and after 4 mins A is closed.In how much time Band C will fill up the remaining part?

Verbal test:
30 questions
Meanings 3 questions:
Faux Pas: means a blunder (spelled as fau pa)
Arranging sentences in order (3 or 4 questions)
Finding errors in a sentence (6 Qs)
Fill in the blanks (5 questions)
Analogy (4 questions)
Reading passage (5 questions): easy to score atleast 4 marks out of 5 by reading questions and coming to passage to search answer also less time consuming.
Reasoning: It was the simplest part I found in the whole paper. There were questions related to
1) A puzzle of 8 friends 4 girls and 4 boys who have to be placed on 4 bikes. And different conditions were given.
2) Another puzzle where five band member were present i.e. ram, Mohan, shyam, ravi, suresh and five instruments like guitar, violin, tabla,sitar,paino. Few conditions like a) ram can only sitar. B) mohan can play all the instruments. C) shyam can only play piano or guitar. D) ravi can only play piano. Four questions related to it were given.
3) Four question on figure reasoning.like sets of figures(SHAPES ) ARE GIVEN .EACH SET HAVING THREE FIGURES LAST SHAPE OF THIRD SET Will be missing and you HAVE TO IDENTIFY it BY CHECKING OTHER COMBINATIONS
A1 A2 A3
B1 B2 B3
C1 C2 X Find X?

There were 4 panels in which GD/Extempore is distributed. as there r various topics running from which some are
Global warming
Brain drain
Growth of it in India
reservation system in india .

For this section just speak what ever u know about that topic u have a chance as their selection rate per group is very higher around 10 out of 15 students. Every one is given chance. If the HR doesnít like the performance in gd he can go for Extempore. In some cases only extempore was conducted.

HR/Tech interview
For hr part prepare the basic simple questions like About yourself?
why L & T?
After 5 years where you think to stand in organization?
problem is on teamwork or coordination?
why l & t hire u?
questions on projects you mentioned in that?
Tech part prepare c language, basic difference in java, c++,c# .
DBMS( normalization and triggering).
Why c++ is called c++ and not c+?
If you have unix background as I had then what is kernel, shell and wat is shell 32?

Thatís all I can remember.


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