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Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 20 January 2008
Test Location : Thakral College of Tech,Bhopal


Hello friends this is Ankur Nigam.....nd today m sharing my experience with L&T Infotech... the first phase was d written test which cotained 90 ques to be done in 90 mints.......dnt worry d questions r easy...u only need to focus on d tym mangement.. the second phase in my selection was d interview... nd frnds i was called for d HR interview...

i jst want to suggest u that during the hr they jst stress on ur communication skills nd ur confidence...so be confident dear.... my interview went for abt 20 mints

The HR madam was very nice nd she really helpd me by making me cool nd calm......

HR: ankur no one in ur family is an engineer then y u hve choosen this??
ME: mam since no one in my family is an engineer dis let me get into engineering...
HR: ohk(since my hobby is singing)..she.. askd me to sing a song for her...
ME: i was jst abt to start d song she said no ankur i was jst joking...
HR: (i hv mentind my area of improvement as i get shrt tempered sumtyms)........so ankur wat u do wen u get short tempered hw u r improving this attitude???
ME: mam at such tyms i use to talk to my frnds so that i can change my mood......i jst divert my mind to overcome that situation (dis last answer really imppressed her)
HR: she asked me abt my experience in my college whether m satisfied or not with the institute???
ME: i replied confidently with some qualities of my institute and added the feature tat since MNC like L&T r coming to our college for campus its really proud for me to be a part of TCT......
HR: tell me abt any incident in ur life wen u think u hve reacted wrong n if i gve u a chance to change the past u wish to do so ????
ME: i replied abt a incident in my clge(dnt ever leave such questions these questions shows ur level of thinking)....

there were sum more questions chcking my communication skill i dnt remem frnds.............. finally she asked me to........................clear ur questins ankur if u hve any????(dont get nervous at such tym nd leave this oppurtunity dis shows ur curiousity.....how much u r interested in d company........) i asked 2 questions........... 1)wat r d languages we will be learning in training period???

2)mam can u please tell me wat r d oppurtunities for me in d company as a electronics engineer???
she answered my questions upto my satisfaction...........nd thats it finally she said gud luck ankur..... i faced my interview at 11:30 pm..........dnt worry abt d tym jst be patient nd dont let ur confidence down

the very next day i got d result.............and yesss i got selected in L&T Infotech........

this was my 4th company................wish u all very very gud luck.....nd do d best....


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