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Hai to all fresherworld visitors. I am P.KARUNAKAR REDDY, perusing MCA 4th sem in SIDDAGANGA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,TUMKUR.
Keane came to pool campus that was conducted in SIDDARTHA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, TUMKUR. And i am happy to say that i was one among 34 students who were selected for keane.
Total 400 plus students were attended for written test. out of those 210 cleared written and 72 cleared GD. Then out of 72 students 50 cleared technical.
Finally 39 were short listed for HR.
The selection process is as follows.
1: Aptitude test and Essay writing
2: Group Discussion
3: technical Interview
4: HR
Remember that there is sectional cut off (8,5,5) and no negative marking.
Before the written test we have to write an essay on the given topic. The time for essay writing is 10 minutes. They will give general topics.

My essay topic was "THE MOST REWARDING EXPERIENCE IN YOUR LIFE" and others got "WHAT COLLEGE LIFE TAUGHT YOU? ĒWE have to write 10 sentences. Donít think that they will not take this into account. They will see the essay either in gd or HR.so be careful. just they will see the way of writing and your thinking.
Next comes written test.
It is for 100 marks.There are 3 sections.35 questions and time is 1 hour ...there are two sets (set A and set B),all the questions are same but order is different
1:aptitude 15(15*4=60)
2:English 10(10*2=20)
3:Logical reasoning 10(10*2=20)

In Aptitude mainly concentrate on time and work, series problems(1 compulsory), time and distance, probability, alligation and mixture, ages, percentages and general mathematics questions. For this RS Agarwal is enough.
some of the questions i remembered are
1: A cat can eat a rat in 1 minute. in how many minutes 50 cats can eat 100 rats?
2:one year ago a father was 4 times as old as his son. in 6 years time ,his age exceeds twice his son's age by 9 years.Ratio of their ages is?
3.find the wrong number in the series 3,10,21,36,55,70,105
a)105 b)70 c)36 d)55
4: A and B together can finish a work in 30 days. thet worked it for 20 days and B left. the remaining work was done by a in 20 more days. A can finish the work in ?
ans:60 days
5:a person sees a train passing over 1 km long bridge. the length of the train is half that of bridge. If the train clears the bridge in 2 minutes the speed of the train is?
6.some mone yis divided among A,B,C in suc ha way that 5 times A's share ,3 times B,s share and 2 times C's share are equal. The ratio between the shares of a,b,c is what?
7.72% of the students of a certain class took biology and 44% took mathematics .If each student took biology or maths and took both, the total no of students in the class was
8:The word SUCCESSFULL can be arranged in how many ways
and some more questions .

English: questions are just fill in the blanks type. this is very easy round. questions will be on prepositions ,articles,1 synonym,1 sentence completion question.

LOgical reasoning: Questions on directions, syllogolism, decision making, etc RS AGARWAL book is enough, this round is bit tricky.

i got question not remembered properly but it is like this
A started from home and travelled 10 kms towards the bank which is in northwest direction,and trevelled 5 kms in east direction to post office .....etc ......
based on this 4 questions are there like
1:post office is in ________direction to bank? (options are given)
2:A's home is in ___________direction to police station? (note: i didn't gave the complete passage, just i gave what i remembered but questions were same what i got)
and 2 decision making questions.
one more is gre type critical reasoning passage (i had not remembered properly but is as follows)
A can talk french ,english and b can talk english ,italian c can talk all the languages that of A and B and also understands chinese.neither a nor c knows Dutch.......etc.....
based on this paragraph questions are like this
1:C can talk how many languages?
2:one of the following can talk all the languages specified in the above paragraph?
3:how many people can understand english?
4:the language which is understood by more number of people in the passage is_____________?

GD:next round is gd.written test results were announced around 1'o clock.I cleared written.there are 17 batches each consisting of 12 members each. my group no is 11th.
my group called at 2:30.First they asked to introduce and asked to tell a topic.but they gave their own topic.Topic is "is mobile should be banned in campus" .after the discussion they asked to conclude every body.
In this you have to talk at least at least 2 times and our communication should be good.Put some valuble points rather than general one. Always start as 3rd or 4th person. if you are confident take the initative but be careful ,don't give conclusion statements in the very first.finally 4 were selected from our batch.

next comes my technical interview:
i was called for interview around 6:30 .it last for 35 minutes.
me: may i come in sir?
int :come
me: good evening sir?
int: good evening,take your seat?.
interviewer asked the following questions:
1)int:saw my resume and asked to write a program to create,insert ,delete,display a double list and explain?
2)write a program to swap 2 numbers with and without using temporary variable and explain?
3)write a program to examine a string is polynomial or not?
4)then he asked what is your favourite subjects?
i told c,c++and data structures (that i was mentioned in my resume) just tell what ever u wrote on ur resume,other wise u'll be caught.
5)what is stack?
6)what is queue and circular queue?
7)what are the different types of linked lists and applications of linked list?

then he switched to c++
what is instance variable:
what is class and object?
explain inheritance?
what is a virtual and pure virtual function?
what is operator overloading and what is the advantage?
what is the difference between structure and union?
how can we access a private data member in other class without declaring it as protected?
(for this i told only abstract answer but not perfect)
then what is operating system? what is paging?
i answered all questions except one.
Finally the interviewer asked me you have any questions.
I asked him the question what i was not answered.
he explained the answer for that question.
Then He told me glad to meet you and all the best for next round.

NOTE: they are very strict on eligibility criteria, they will check marks before calling for interview. Some of my friends were sent back due to this reason so be careful.
HR :before hr they take one more round called prescreening?don't bother this is just a formality.they will ask our details to fillup the form.
After that they told that "HR will not be conducted today we will announce it later" and short listed the studets for hr round.
After 2 days they send the hr interview date that was on 15th april to my college.

i reach the college at 9'o clock and i called for hr at 11'o clock.
there were 3 pannels for taking hr all are madams.
me: may i come in mam
hr: yes
me: good morning mam?
hr: good morning and gave me shake hand.
i just gave my hand very loosly because i was in tensed then she told me why you are not confident,and asked me to give one more time this time i gave with confident.
then she told ya i want this much confident.
then asked me to sit.
hr: she saw my resume and essay what i wrote on the day of written test?
hr: tell me about your self?
me: i told my name academics with percentages and my interests.
hr: tell me your family background?
me: told about my family members.
hr: what is your career plans?
me: answered.
hr: you have any plans for higher education?
me: i told no, then i told if the company will provide an opportunity then i'll do.
hr: our company is not providing then what 'll u do?
me: mam, already i am doing mca,i'll satisfy with this only. then she laughed ,i too laughed

Finally she asked me u have any questions?
I asked what kind of preparation we require before joining the company.
She explained and again asked u has any more questions?
I said no
Then she told me to take passport as soon as possible
I told ok mam, thank you.
This was my hr. in this round they will see the confidence level, communication. they also check our marks, year gaps and arrears if any.
Act as your self donít say lies they will catch us easily. Even if u tell that must be in a convincing way.

Finally at 2'O clock they gave presentation and announce the names of selected students. Total 24 out of 34 are from my college.

After my name was called I felt happy and there is no bounds for my happiness at that time. Remember keen is acquired by caritor.


...........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,GOOD LUCK........................


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