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KANBAY -Test Pattern

Details about the Written Test:-
There are totally 60 questions...every wrong answer carries -1/2 and every right answer carries +1.
The Written test consists of 2 sections:
1.Logical section- 30 questions-cut off is 12(u have to get 12 right answers) very easy..consisting of small puzzles and easy logical questions like sesting arrangements for 5 ppl ABCDE and where is D placed etc etc...questions like that.
2.Maths section -GRE quants pattern., here again the cut-off is 12.



IF ur selected in the written test...u will be made to undergo the group discussion..this is a major elimination round becos....they select only one or two from a group of 10 ppl.
and u have to be really good in applying ur thoughts into words and putting it across real well...

Rules for GD:

1.Do not FIGHT with ur group members.
2.Do not ARGUE for tooo long with ur group member.
3.Do not stay quiet too.
4.Stick to the rules that the organisers tell u.
5.Do not waver from the topic that ur given

Possible GD Topics are...
1.Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage
2.Joint family Vs Nuclear Family.
3.Pros & Cons of Fast food.
4.Women in leading roles good or bad?
5.Is Gd necessary for recruiting frshers/candidates ?

Be clear in ur points and try to be different from others. Stress ur point...but dont fight/argue.

HR interview
General HR interview....but be prepared technically too cos i was asked technical questions,since i was prepared for it already i was lucky enuff to manage and answer well and i got the selection mail.
I am still waiting for my joining date yet.
Noidea...how long it wud take.
So this is all i know about KANBAY.
ya..for ppl who want to apply online...
send in ur resumes to freshers@kanbay.com or visit www.kanbay.com and fill in the entry level fresh candidates form that is available in the careers section of this website.
u wud get a call from them too to take up the test cos few of my friends did that.



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