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Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 30 June 2007
Test Location : Infotech Campus, Hyderabad


Hello friends, Iam raghavendra.I have done my B.tech 2007 passout. I have applied for infotech through mail id careers@infotechsw.com.
I got short listed for their written test. Written test was cool.They are testing how fast are u capable of attempting all the sections, .Total time was 50 mins 50 questions.

There was four sections:
Aptitude (30 Q - 30 marks)
Antonyms (5 Q -5 marks)
Reading comprehension ( 10 Q - 10 marks)
Data interpretation (5 Q -5 marks)

Aptitude mainly consists the problems regarding time and work,distance,trains,boats and streams everything was asked easily the matter is how fast are u answering those questions.

Antonyms Reading comprehension where it takes so much time .so you have to do it as fast as possible.
Data interpretation directly from R.S.Agarwal. So you need to spend time on aptitude and comprehension because data interpretation will be directly given u can easily do it.

Totally out of 2000 ,80 got seleted for GD i was shortlisted for Group Discussion (GD)
Each group was divided into 10 -15 students. out of 15 they were taking 5-6. In our group there were 10 members.Our topic was "Education in india should be improved or not" . In our panel everyone was speaking out excellent each and every member had a nice point to discuss.GD went excellent....So out of 10 8 were selected.

Next i was short listed for Technical interview. It was next day after GD.
In technical they were asking question upto 30-45 mins... It was my turn. Mostly he will ask questions from the topics which is there in resume
He started with
Abstract classes (java)
Interfaces (java)
Searching and Sorting techniques mostly bubble sort and binary search ( DS )
Exception Handling (java)
What databases do u know ( oracle,ms-access) if u know any other u can specify
JSP (explanation)
ASP (explanation)
Difference between ASP and JSP
What is pro C ?

it took 20-25 mins for me to complete technical interview. Then short listed candidates will be called for HR and its for formality.
Thats it from me, hope this information may be useful for the guys who attend interviews for infotech.

All the best



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