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Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 1 February 2007
Test Location : JSS Noida


Hello friendsÖ

Myself Prasun Misra, a B.Tech III year (IT) student in JSS Noida, recently got a job in Infosys Technologies, which visited our campus between 30th January Ė 1st February Ď 07.

I would like to share my experiences with u all so that it may prove helpful to anyone wants to appear for the company.

To start with, let me tell you all, that before the exam, there were some doubts in our minds about the pattern of the written exam. As per the tradition, in the aptitude section, we all were expecting the Shakuntala Deviís kind of puzzles, but to our surprise, the paper was totally different. Based on the most recent Management Entrance types of examinations, it consisted of Data analysis, Logical reasoning, Data interpretation, series n figures and some Data insufficiency problems. Anyone preparing for CAT or such exams should be very familiar with such problems. There were 45 questions to solve in 45 minutes. The questions were simple, but the speed and quick analysis of the given data is the key. Practice is recommended.

For the English Paper, the pattern was the same as before, nothing unusual, 30 questions in 30 minutes, including comprehensions. Again, speed is the key. Any good practice book for English exams, such as CAT, GRE and TOFFLE etc would be enough.

Now, the final frontier was the interview. Before the interviews, we were told that they can ask u anything, including current events, technical knowledge, recent news, about you, just anything. But the emphasis was quick and witty answers and self-confidence.

I was in the earlier ones to be called for interview. The interviewer was middle age sir who started directly with a quick introduction of mine. My hobbies include guitar, so the next question came from it. Then last week headlines, about my hometown, 20 uses of the tie which I was wearing, my most memorable college events, my friendís opinion about meÖ. etc. The questions that I think contained maximum weightage were, that what would I do if I have last three days of a week as holidays, whatís the one thing of which I am proud of myself and, the most important one, is there anything which I would like to tell my interviewer as he being an employee of Infosys Technologies. He also complimented me for my aptitude and asked me one simple question about my project.

The qualities, which I think heís looking for, were self-confidence, communication skills and ability to think and react spontaneously. Later, I got to know that my friends were also given some puzzles to solve on the spot, and a few of them were also asked to tell the names of President and Vice-President of India, including the current events.

As per my point of view, the thing that matters most is communication skills and self-confidence. Reading newspapers and magazines and to be well aware of the recent happenings around you is also important. Finally, one should be 100% confident about his resume as often itís only thing to start the interview with.

So friends, here I am, wishing all of you all the best, who are going to appear for the company,. Itís a pleasure to be of any help to any one of you.

Yours sincerely,

Prasun Misra.



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