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 Paper Type : General - Interview
Test Date : 4 August 2008
Test Location : BVB college of Eng., Hubli
Posted By : Shivanand Hulagur


Hi friends , this is the test paper and my experience in HR rounds……………

There were two rounds
· HR

In Aptitude 2 sections
1)Aptitude & Puzzles –35 questions
2)English --40 questions

Aptitude & Puzzles....

## A man walks from a point P to south 40 k.m. reaches point Q, from der he turns to his right and walks 20 k.m. to reach point R. from pt R he turned

to his left and walked for 40 k.m. to reach S , den he turned right to T for 20 k.m. from T he turns left and walks 40 k.m. to reach U. from U he turned right & walks 20 k.m. point V. from V he moves right for 40 k.m to W.
a) shortest path to T from initial point?
b)Path to W from P?
c)Path to W from R?
d)Path to V from R?

## Two puzzles wer asked……..
** Five people were suffering from some disease from some years and we have to find out in which place who is staying. Five questions were der on dis puzzle
** I don’t remember exactly
## Work on Syllogism , Data Sufficiency from Non Verbal by R.S.Agarwal. First solve problems on these before puzzles , because these are bit easy.

In this section ........
* Paragraphs ( 3 or 4)
* Sentence completion
* Some paragraphs in to which sentences are to replaced by given sentences in appropriate places

******* Do the rough work, sometime they may check ******* Out of 480 , 71 short listed for HR rounds and I’m one of them.

HR round……………..


Me: Excuse me mam

She: yes

Me: Good Evening mam

She: Good Evening , take your seat .

Me: Thank you mam.

She: So Mr.Shivanand Hulagur, what this Hulagur means

Me :Its name of place ,It comes in so and so……(she asked about the region of our state) (I put my representation certificates of College Basketball & Handball team at degree level)

She: I know you simply put these certificates , u’ve not played .

Me :I explained every thing about these games and she was convinced by my answer.

She: You represented National level Tech fest , tell me about that

Me :I explained about the prize (3rd prize in Ad-Zap competation-its about advertising) we got.

She: Gave me a mobile pouch and said to show how ll u market it.

Me: I did that.

She: Apart from IT ,what is ur interest?

Me: I’m crazy about bikes

She: which is yr favourite bike?

Me: Karizma

She: No…No..International bike.

Me: I said Yamaha’s ….(she asked feature and some questions on that)

She: you r a poet right? Who is yr favorite poet?

Me: I answered (and some quests on poem writing)

She: (suddenly changed topic) making helmet compulsory is right?

Me: yes mam

She: If I tell you to design helmet how ll u, tell me fast.

Me: First v ve to study the region for which v r designing,If the area is like Tamilnadu(humid) v ve to design light weight helmet and in India v’ve bit problem About ISI markings so to overcome this its better ,the Govt. should take Responsibility & it only has to distribute helmets.

(she was convinced by this answer and she was happy)

[HR-1 was taken by Merit track ]

HR-2 [This round was taken by Infosys HR]

Me: Good evening mam

She: Good evening Mr.Shivanand , sorry for calling again

Me: Its my pleasure to be here with you mam.

She :you ‘ve bundle of marks card

Me: As I’mdoing MCA , I’ve completed degree so all those

She :tell me about the techni fest u participated and got prize

Me :I explained and she was very interestedly listened and asked about the climax of our Add( a funny drama) and about my role( I played Karna’s role of mahabharat)

She: you r a poet, which is the poem u worte recently

Me: ”Teri Aankhein”

She: Nice one [she looked at my rough sheet of apti]

She: why much fall in percentage from X to PUC-II(12th)?

Me: I answered.

She: ok shvanand u can go now, we will announce the result.

At 6:00 pm she(Infy HR) came up with result of our batch(2nd) And she announced my name and that the moment I was waiting to happen.

So guys I wish all the very very very best…… do well…..

See you in Mysore


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