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hi frnds this is PRASHANT GUPTA in 3rd yr, student of electrical n electronics {EE}branch.... first all i m hearty thankful of my parents, seniors , batchmtes,n my frnds n of course fresherworld, n also u SUMIT , AMIT n ASHISH ....................

CRITERIA :- 60% throughout, no backlog at da time of joing (i,e. no ny back criteria)

There is two round is selection processor ..
1. written exam i,e aptitude
2. HR interview

in written exam there is two part
first is APPTITUDE n second is ENGLISH
in aptitude they asking 30 question attempt in 40 minute
the pattern is such that...

Aptitude Question no. 1 to 30
quest no.1 to 6 == a typical puzzle(never try 2 attempt first)
ques no. 6 to 12 == picture problem or figure ( very easy)
ques no. 12 to 18 == data sufficiency
ques no. 18 to 24 == puzzle ( related on bank a/c , easy)
ques no. 24 to 30 == syllogism ( easy but need some work )
aptitude is somewhat easy , just go threw R. S AGARWAL ..
The question same as mention in r. s. agarwal. 10 n 15 days is enough for whole preparation.
so practise da book when u have da time , otherwise read n solve all da paper of freshersworld , its really help u out.
The question is quite easy but need da hard work..n also depends on ur LUCK , its really matter
after this they give u next paper which is ENGLISH ,
believe me its really tough,,,, compare to first one
in this section there is 40 question attempt in 30 minute
so there is no time to think abt it
in this section the pattern is...

English Question no. 1 to 40
1. Two long paragraph( its really time taken so attempt in last)
2. Theme detection
3. Correct da sentences (easy)
4. Miner grammatical error (easy)
5. Small passage
6. Antonym, n synonym
7. Prepositions
8. Arrange da sentences in right series

paper really touch n limited time duration , so u hve to work fast, for this section u have cleared ur basic fundamental , lke tenses, prepositions ......etc if u lke also u refer WREN N MARTIN.. But paper hve a , ability to check ur basics up to grammatical skill so take it seriously........................................................................................

There is pool campus so around 800 student is appeared after written exam only 150 cleared da written after that the interview is started
there is 6 panels.... all r above age of 45 yr.., they just check ur confidence level evn da fact abt infy is if u clear da apti ,u would be 85% selected finally.....

So be confident , cheerful , GOD always with u My call is around 10.10pm , the interviewer is quite strict he will take a more time compare to other panels first all they tell me to give da resume ..... After that the interview is started

the interview question is ...............
1. Tell me abt urself
2. Do u like read books(novel)?
3. Do u lke internet surfing..
4. they asking two puzzle , I m gvng da answer one of them
5. Extra curricular activates
6. Hobbies (questions on my hobby)
7. wht advise givg u seniors regardg da interview

the interview is went up to 30 min , after that they announce the result in next morning at 10.00am I m one of them ,select in infy, after that there HR come to meet all selected student he is very nice n cool . Friends this is my forth attempt before that m rejected frm three companies due to my silly mistakes.
so never loose da hope n don,t loose ur temper n patience , earlier u get da success... n believe me LUCk is really matter
always trust da almighty GOD n if its ur day nobody can stop u , one thng always kept in ur mind which is.......
"alwys thxs GOD wht u have
always trust GOd wht u need"
my all da best wishes for all .......


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