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INFOSYS Placement Papers


Latest Infosys Placement test whole paper held on 26 March 2008 At SRMCEM , Lucknow

The Selection consisted of 2 Phases :-
a) Written Test
b) HR Interview

In which, written test consists of two phases:-

30 questns in 40 minutes..
5 questns about arithmetical reasoning
5 questns on series completion (figure)
5 questns on puzzle test
5 questns on data interpretation (graphs)

2) Replace an underlined sentence with another one which is of the same meaning from the given 4 alternatives.
3) Fill in the blank with correct alternative. (REFER ANY GRAMMAR BOOK HAVING TENSES )
4) Deriving conclusion from small passages.
5 Questions on data sufficiency…Aptitude Section was Easy…. R.S. Aggrwal is sufficient for written test

2) Verbal Reasoning (English) :-
Time management plays major role in these type of papers In verbal section your english language knowledge is checked.
1) Two RC’s, a very big one and time consuming so attempt them at the end .(refer BARONS GRE )
5) Select the correct statement from the set of 4 statements. One is correct and some are with little grammatical mistake. .(REFER ANY GRAMMAR BOOK HAVING TENSES )

Result is declared after 2 hours.

Firstly the students of srmcem were called.

The interviewer was an old man. The first question was are you still awake i responded positively. Then he asked me to guess the no of correct questions attempted by me.I guessed 50 to 60% .

He first asked explain what is software?

Bieng confident and fluent is key to success.

Puzzles will be asked.

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