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Hi friends.......this is Amit Kumar from Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology, I am from MECH......we had INFOSYS placement test in our college on 29th july.....

aptitude paper consists of 2 parts

i) quant (30q 40min)

ii) verbal(40q 35min)

quant paper was very easy....

1) 6--questions logical conclusions(syllogism)......R.S Agarval verbal nd non-verbal book is very very useful......practice all 9 types

2) 5 --que DATA SUFFICIANCY........little basics in school mathematics is enough.
3) 4ques on direction sensing which were very easy
4) 4 to 5 ques on choose the next fig in series R.S.Agarwal non verbal book is enough for that.
5) One D.I ques which was very easy.
6) One reasoning ques like, there are 5 ppl sachin,gopichand..etc and they ill advertise for 5 companies nike,reebook,pepsi,cocacola ..etc not given in order...and some hints r given with those hints u need to find out who is advertising for which company...it was not so easy because it was last ques i dint much time so be careful wit these type of ques...

And coming to verbal
1)we got 2 RCs one was small one consisting of only 2 passages and the 2nd one was a bigger one
2)we got 10 to 12 correction of sentence and 6 to 7 some kind of ques in which he wil give u one para and ask u to tel wat is assumption in that para
3)and some ques wil be like this,a sentence wil b given in which a part in underlined and we ve to replace the underlined part wit other sentence
thats it over all paper was easy

HR interview
me: i entered the room(HR is a old man nearly 60),i wished good eve.
HR: pls take u r seat ,and give u r resume.
me :this is my resume sir.
HR: ok (he checked my resume and underlined teamplayer in my reume) can u justify that u r a team player.
me: s sir definatly and i told about my proj and events i organised he asked me some ques my proj i ans it well and he asked me to explain how i organised an event..i explained both well
HR: (he gave me a situation) i am a student union leader and as soon as i enter the coll i saw a tree is about to fall and there r many ppl on road. wat wil u do at that time
me: I ans it ...
HR: (another situation) u and ur grand ma r travelling in a bus i a remote ar. suddenly u r grand ma gets fainted wat wil u do at that time.
me: i ans it....
HR: we ve many branches in india wil u do the job if u get the posting any where in india.
me: s sir i am ready to do the job...
HR any ques
me :no
HR u may leave then
me: thank u sir

this was my HR interview it went on very cool and i got placed in infi...
and friend my only suggesition is be cool dont get tensed this is onyl HR interview if he asks any thing if u dont no that also speak some thing u know it wont matter he just sees how fluent u r and how confident u r ....and in HR there wont correct ans or wroge so dont get tensed be cool and well...BEST OF LUCK



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