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Hi friends I m Anuj Gupta studying B.Tech(EC) 3yr in GALGOTIA, gr. noida.There was written exam on 30th jan 2008 in MRCE, faridabad of Infosys. 4 colleges participated- Galgotia, MRCE, GNIT, FIT.

They had PPT with us . that was gud n u must present in tht. u will definitely get some idea abt infosys. I still remember one thing of ppt ďInfosys need those who want 2 marry with infosys not those who want to have affairĒ

here frankly speaking i didnt prepare anything for infosys. only luck made me 2 through this.
there were two sections:-
I.Critical reasoning
II.Verbal ability

for critical reasoning u need 2 be focussed, concentated and apply ur full mind and nothing else u need 2 have(ofcourse gud luck is must!!).
for verbal ability the questions involve tenses, word meanings, prepositions and some basic english gammer rules.
there were 2 reading compehensions 5 ques each and these d most scoring among verbal. first read d ques n then find d answer frm d passage.Take care of one thing FORGET everything which u know abt the passage aleady. just answer the questions from what is given in the pasage.
Time management is ofcourse important to answer all the questions in time.

u will be given rough sheet. Solve ur answers on rough sheet as neat as u can.
this rough sheet is evaluated at the time of interview
Before the written exam u will be given a form. U r required 2 write ur % and some other personal details and also paste a photo.
If u take ur photo in formals(tie,coat), that will be best.
Fill ur % CAREFULLY.
Well thatís all about written exam. After sometime d results were announced and our college students those cleared written were asked 2 report next day with 2 copies of RESUME, Originals and photocopies of our certificates.


In the interview of Infosys, usually no technical questions are asked unless u mention something big in ur resume e.g. my friend mentioned about robotics so she was asked questions abt robot etc.
Prepare puzzles from internet and from shakuntala devi as puzzles are the main issue in interview and also some questions of G.K. e.g. president of india, her husband, capital of u.p., J&K etc.
Basically they r not interested ur answer of puzzles, they r checking ur approach
So solve them nicely on the paper as u can or explain them verbally how r u solving ur problem.
usually very old people r HRs of Infosys. They want us 2 be very POLITE and confident.
Prepare some common things e.g. which newspaper u read, name of its editor, which sections of paper u read, hw u gather information, wht u surf on internet, do u hv any girlfriend etc
My HR was a very old person. My experience is as follows:

HR: come in
Me: gud afternoon sir
HR: have ur seat
Me: thnku sir
Hr: give ur resume
I stood and gave it
Hr: tell me abt urself
Me: bla bla
Hr: u hv filled ur % in ur form. R u confident on them?
Me: yes sir
Hr: then sign here
Me:I signed
Hr: is it ur first interview in Infosys?
Me: yes sir
Hr: then sign here
Me: I signed
Hr: so anuj, whats ur family background?
Me: bla bla
Hr: so u r the only son of ur family
Me: yes sir
Hr: then ur mother will have problem if we will send u at far off places?
Me: no sir she will nt have any problem
Hr: no she will have
It takes me sometime 2 convince him but finally he was looking convinced
Then he pointed 2 my resume and underlined my achievements and asked:
Hr: u donít have any achievement in college?
Me: actually sir I participated in many events but unable 2 achieve any
Hr: what kind of events?
Me: explained
Hr: u also didnít participate in any outdoor activity?
Me: yes sir I didnít participate in any outdoor activity because I m suffering frm Myopia and doctor told me nt 2 do any physical exercise
Hr: oh I see, so whats ur power of spect?
I said the same as written in my form
Hr: this is not much
Me: but sir its increasing readily
Hr: oh I see
Hr: how do u increase ur knowledge?
Me: newspaper, internet surfing and interacting with people
Hr: hw many times in a week u go to internet
Me: once in a week
Hr: what do u surf?
Me: said
Hr: which newspaper u read?
Hr: do u read it daily?
Me: no sir, on weekends
Hr: do u read this Sunday
Me: no sir
Hr: which sections of TOI u read
Me: front page and DT
Hr: oh a lot of pics are there!!
Me: yes sir, I usually read bollywood masala(thank God he doesnít ask anything abt bollywood!!!!)
Hr: so who is ur favourite actor and actress?
Me: sir my favourite actor is Amir Khan and actress is Priyanka Chopra
Hr: which latest movie have u seen of her?
Me: sorry sir, I donít remember
Hr: as a man what do u like in priyanka chopra!!!!
Me: I like her Smile
Hr: what?
Me: sir I like her smile
Hr: oh I see her smile
Hr: tell me ur three strengths
Me: optimist, never give up attitude, donít get angry easily
Hr: hw do u knw tht u donít get angry easily?
Me: this is wht my colleages, parents and relatives says
Hr: when do u get annoyed?
Me: when I see people r taking advantage of someoneís trust
Hr: whats ur career objective?
Me: I answered something which shows my commitment to the organization
Hr: do u want to ask any question?
Me: yes sir, I want to know abt training session and hw my job profile will be decided
Hr: he explained me and then asked me 2 leave
Me: thanku sir
Well thatís all I was not asked any puzzle or something related 2 studies.

I m also writing some points where my friends make mistakes:

When he asks r u confident on ur % say yes. If u have any doubt clear it after ur interview by taking help of ur TPO etc. Donít show that u lack of confident
Paste ur photo in formals as I hv already told
Donít argue with interviewer. Donít show attitude.
Be POLITE and HONEST. Of course hv gud body lang and eye contact etc etc.
Then after waiting for sometime results were announced and my name was there. Among Galgotia, 90 were selected.

Good luck friend


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