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Hai Friends,

written has 2 parts.. logical n verbal
logical paper is very simple!u can finish it well in time!the puzzle was abt 3 gals their hobbies where dey reside (same like the rs aggarwal verbal puzzles )do them in tabular form it gets much simpler!

den another puzzle abt 100 students 100 rooms in a hostel da first person enters and opens all da rooms (intially all r closed!)den 2nd closes every second room opened by first!like wise 3rd too does da same n if a person sees his chanced door open den he closes else he opens!den qtions regardin dem!

5 odd man out questions very simple!(rs aggarwal non-verbal)
data sufficiency very simple!

1.length of rod is 8m, cut into 3 pieces.wats da length of longest?a)one piece is 4.1 m b)...
2.evaluate the epression some value n den a)x=sumthin b)y=sumthin
3.regardin prpty of tangent jus da first data is sufficient for it
4.regardin interest rate of some persons salray

Data interpretation
dere were 3 line graphs of steel prdn,automobile and ship durin some time n den some questions on dat den syllogism
when u read dem all u can ineterpret dem verbally no need of venn diagrams n all (rs aggarwal verbal) dats it abt logical

written 2 big paras very simple ones read da questions plot da words related 2 it den read da setence den da prev and next sentence!
1 para was abt some human rights and sweet shop ppl not givin rite wages
2 para was abt porching n seelin og wild animals hide
den sentence correction n cn b done if ur quite ok wid grammar use of tenses,fewer less low words
fill in da blanks can b done (no barrons here!)
conclusions from paragraphs n can b done but hav 2 b done fast
i wud say mark everythin u never know wats in store for u!!!

hr n its all luck!dey will ask u abt everything u write in ur resume! especially hobbies! be confident abt dem!sumtimes dey ask puzzles .. 5 ppl dey hav no idea abt others age hw wud dey calculate da average.a n b 1 tells truth other lies den 2 answersdey giv wat can u infer from it?

if u do well in written intview is all abt luck!pray well n jus tell HIM what is it dat u really need!n it will b given 2 u...ok dat was all ALL DA BEST FOR EVERYONE!n i really mean it PRAY!



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