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INFOSYS Placement Papers



The Exam consists of two sections

1. Aptitude and Logical reasoning

2. English

In the first section there were 30 questions and the time limit was 40 minutes.

Four Friends A, B, C and D are living in a hostel. One day Aís uncle came and gave him a box of laddoos, According to their rule whatever they get will be equally divided among them. So A divided the laddoos into four equal parts and he ate his part. Then B came to the room and he divided the laddoos into four equal parts and A and B ate their part. Then C came to the room he divided the laddoos into four equal parts and he ate his part. Then at the last D came to the room he also divided the laddoos into four equal parts and he ate his part. The number of laddoos D ate was 3.

1. How many laddoos did A eat?

2. How many laddoos did B eat?

3. How many laddoos did C eat?

4. How many laddoos were there in the box altogether?

5. I donít remember the 5th one.

Questions from 6 to 10 were based on figures.

There are two sets of figures marked from 1 to 4. In the first set one figure is missing and we have to find the correct sequence from the other 4 alternatives.

Questions from 15 to 20 we are given some general information with two statements. And we have to find whether we can calculate the result from the first statement or second statement or a combination of both

11. A shop sells 28 pairs of Soxes and gives 20% discount on each pair. What is the cost of a pair of sox?

1) The cost of a pair of sox is 89.

2) The total amount for a bunch of 60 pairs of soxes is 1250.

12. The cost of a book including postage charge and tax is Rs.100.What is the original price of the book.

1) The postage charge is 1.75 rupees.

2) The tax is 9%.


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