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Hi Friends, Neha from Banasthali here. 151 students appeared 4 da exam n 46 cud clear written exam n 27 (including me) got selected.
I got selected in infosys on 28th n i want 2 tell u about my experience with infy people ...

Written Exam.
dere were 2 test papers:
1) whole paper pattern was from R.S.Agrawal (verbal n non-verbal reasoning) Though i have never done dat book ,so cud make it out somehow using my own logic but u people plz go thru dat book if u want 2 get in infosys.
dere were 30 questuions n 40 minutes.
5 of the same type e.g. there are some students in a class ,neha is sitting at 21st position from left n 35th position frm right.how many students are there ?
these five questions were vv easy ne1 can do dat.
den 5 nonverbal ques(odd one out ).
dese were also easy after dat i dt remember 10 questions' type but v easy quetions den tuff part comes 4 dem who have not done dat book.
5 questions from syllogiums.
1)some apples are bananas.
2) some grapes are apples.
3)some bananas are apples.
den 5 options .
den a para(puzzle type) just like u do 4 TCS (from barrons) n five quetions based on dat.i did guess work 4 last 10 questions b'coz dat was not possible 2 do 4 a person widout doin practice n verbal reasoning.
so u all plz go thru dat book.

2) English test dat also i did myself b'coz i dint no wat kind of paper de give.2 paras n 10 questions i did all guess work 4 dat .den 20 questions based on ur knowledge though not easy. maintain ur speed thruout the whole exam.

After dat only one personal interview ,dere was only 1 sir in panel. Interviewer was so friendly dat i enjoyed a lot during dat period else it wud hv become hell time 2 pass. also, wen i was called 4 interview dere was a person sitting outside:
he: so ur name is neha.
me: yes sir(show ur confidence as much as possile coz ur selection depends on him a lot he ll surely tell u if u r goin 2 get selected .)
he: why infosys?
me: coz work culture is very gud ,friendly environment,cmm level is 5 , growth in da company is v fast. its a company based on intellect n driven by values.
he: why shud infosys hire you?
me: Because i hv all da qualifications dat infosys wants in its employee .even when u had high criteria 4 appearing in written exam i was worth sitting b'coz i m 70% thruout holder. moreover u want a person with learnability attribute and i m v quick grasper so i m v much sure dat infosys ll surely hire me.
he: he was lookin at my resume carefully.. oh u hv done visual basic
me: yes sir but i hv done it in dis 4th sem and i had project in dis sem .sem was v hectic also i had 2 prepare 4 infosys as its my dream company so i know v basic things only about VB.
he: ok ok . do u no abt excess (data base programming in VB)
me: (i pretended) no dis is out of syllabus ,not i only but none else has done it only ppl who had Vb in grads might b knowing abt it.(so he dint ask nething abt VB)
he: wats the differnce b/w c & c++.
me: c is structure based language while c++ is object oriented programming lang.in structure....(i was explaining but he stopped me in b/w)
he finally said 2 me : u hv attemped ur written exam v well its really v gud work u hv a v gud chance 2 get in infosys and check ur email id regularly(means my selection was 70% sure.)
after dat he dint ask nething n it want fair 2 keep quiet b4 interview so i asked him : where hv u come frm?
he: frm delhi.
a after 1 min i was called inside.

1st i must tell u dat my interviewer was really vv friendly. before entering room i knocked once only n i asked "may i come in sir"
he: yes ,come in.
me: (entered n after being closed 2 his chair) Good evening sir.
he: good evening, hv ur seat.
me: thank you sir.(n plz keep smile on ur face thruout the whole interview)
he: ok neha tell me abt urself.
me: i m neha (tell ur surname 2) frm .. in (state).i m pursuin mca here frm banasthali vidyapeeth. i hv done B.sc. frm..... under dis university.. n i secured .. ..%.i did my schoolin frm ....... i was school topper.i m a very hardworkin person who wants 2 touch new heights(n i repeated dis line again coz i got a bit nervous but he was friendly he stopped me )
he: so hw wud u touch new heights??
me: by doin hardwork.
he: wats is called hardwork
me: i was just answering b'coz i dint prepare 4 HR 2 so watever came 2 my mind i told him
he: wats da diff b/w effective n efficient person.
wats da diff b'w donkey n horse( n dis topic was discussed 4 long n in b/w he was makin me learn many new things and v politely.)
he: ok tell something else ... abt ur hobbies?
me: i like 2 write my diary.
he: wat do u write in dat
me: abt my day hw it went wid me if i m ever in tensin den i just write dat n i come over my problem means i get releaf.
he: who else reads ur diary?
me: none else.
he: n wt more?
me: i like 2 listen 2 music?
he: wat kind?
me: mild music.
he: wat is mild music.
me: explained
he: do u go 4 lyrics?
me: yes
he: den music or lyrics .. wats more imp.
me: both b'coz i believe in 100% quality(he was pleased)
he: give example ..
me: have u wtched kank.
he: yes.
me: one song in dat.. tumhi dekho na .. i just lov dat song..
he: ok n do u read something except ur course books.
me: yes i like 2 read comics.
he: ok which one.
me: i smiled .. sir u mught not b knowing abt dat
he: still u tell
me: i like funny comics only.. like baakelal .. u mught not hv read even once
he: no i hv read many times (n i laughed.)
he: n wat else.
me: sir i like 2 access net also.
he: so do u get time 2 go 2 net lab.
me: sir v r provided wid comp wid internet in our room.
he: (v much surprised) ok so wt do u do on net.
me: (suddenly) i like 2 chat on net.
he: ok wat kind
me: wid persons frm da same field as i m .
he: u mean u chat technical only.
me: ya b'coz no contact wid outside world here in banasthali so i need some one so dat i can tell some1 hw was my dat .. wat happed 2 my project, seminar n all oder..
he: (givin me a paper) how many triangles are dere in dis figure.
me: i just had a look n widout using pen i said ... 16 triangles
he: ( within 1 second) ok neha do u have ne question ?
me: yes sir.
do i need 2 learn nething before joining infosys.
he: no ...u hv learnt already wat u r supposed 2 do..
me: (smiled) wats da growth in infosys?
he: unlimited dat u ll c urself in infosys.(clear signal of my selection)
me: thankyou sir.
he: ok neha u can go.
me: thankyou sir .. hv a nice time.

after 1 hour.. result came out n i got selected. All da best ...


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