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Hello guys i have attended the INFY off campus which was held on 30th october. I have applied thru mail (i suppose in may or april)...guys u ll definately get a call from infy unless u r eligible to meet their criteria....u ll get a mail 15-20 days before the test is being cnducted....so theres a lot of time to prepare.... Mine was an online test conducted my MERITRAC.......

The written test consists of 2 section...
1) non-verbal (jus go thru the RS aggarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning...and i suggest u to prepare the CAYT material...it really helps a lot..
2) English...it consists of basic english..so no need to worry...if u r good in english u can crack...

Syllogisms are very imp... my first q? was analytical reasoning...
somethg like.... there are 6 people...each doesnt wear same color tie or cap...and some conditions are given...
firstly dont panic and work it out without ant tensions...u can get the answer... if u really feel its tough...work out the rest and com back and do the part u have left...

Rest are easy...it also consists of comparisions....

It doesnt contain and tech q? They will ask puzzles and hr related q? so need to worry about ur technical skills....
firstly i was asked how was the pattern before and how is it now?
firstly i was told to introduce myself next few puzzles asked by the HR:
1)if u r are having only 1 day time to complete the project given to you,..and u ll have to leave the job if u havent completed wat wud u do.? other constraint is u cant complete in 1 days time...
2)if u r in 10th class...and u have to select 10 classical dancers from classes 8th 9th and 10th...and u r given 3 days time...how wud u do???
3)what r ur hobbies?
4)if i am in a train and the train got stuck up due to som technical problems and it takes 1 complete day to recover from that place...what wud u do ?constraint is...u cant go anywhere...its too far to reach the near by places....
5)i was given two cubes and was told to mak a pyramid.
6)there is a small sland and the water is 100 feet below and full of sharks...
the island is full of grass...if suppose it suddenly catches fire wat wud u do?
7)what are ur weakness.. etc etc...

i cant remember the rest...but my HR went on for 45 mins...
finally i shook hands with her and came out... i was told that the results will b announced thru mail aftr 4-5 weeks...hopes are there that i l clear the test... plzz pray for me...

ALL THE BEST to all who are gonna write the test.....


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