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 INFOSYS-Placement Paper- 29 May 2006-Chennai

For the test I prepared only for 4 days and I gone thro alll the previous year papers and other papers available in www.123eng.com. For the test u have to mention the method of getting answer. I solved 8 problems correctly and guessed 2 Prblms. I found that I got only one three mark problem wrong so my cutoff must be 47/50.Enlish Section needs no preparation and 20 minutes is enough. So take hints of the puzzles which u cant solve in ur answer sheet so that u can solve during eng section. I solved three problems during eng section remaining time. I cleared test.One more thing becareful in filling the form during test and all my interview questions are from the form filled by me.INTERVIEW :Next day my interview time 12.40 pm. I reached thr at 12.00pm at 12.45 they told me to go to the HR room. There was a gentle man around 55-60 years of age and woman around 40 years of age r thr.First I asked them may I comin but tey told me to wait for two minutes after that they signalled me to come in, M- HR MAN W-HR WOMAN I-MEM: hello plz take ur seatI: thanksW: Is it ur first experience with infy (in my form I mentioned I attended test one year back)I: no tis is my second time M: ya its in the form, then why don't u clear that time? have u analyzed ? Which part u didn't do welll eng or appti that timeI: appti I done 8 marks wrongM: so this time u prepared well u wrote 8 marks correctlyI:yaW:give ur resume ( I mentioned that I was workin as a lecturer that time)W:How students behave with u.. how did u clear their doubts etcI: I told some answers related to thatM: what r subjects handled by uI: Multimedia, microprocessor etc..M: what tools did u teach in MultimediaI: flash, photoshop, soundforge ec( then the man told I ll add this to ur form and noted down these things in my form )M: what r the subjects studied by u in ur final semesterI: can I see my marksheet and tellM: no, no tell wat u rememberI: Dataminig, neural n/w,etcM: Wat is DataminingI: minig new info from datawarehouseM: Wat is DatawarehouseI: ..collection of several data basesM: wat is a databaseI: told answerM: wat r diff datastructuresI: I told stack, , queue,linkedlist..M: u might have studied 4 tears back isn't it.. tell differrent database stucturesI: relational , hierarchical, n?w based..M; what is relational databaseI : told ans..M: can a database can have same data more than onceI: ya it can have but..( he interupted before I finish)M: is it desirable if not why I : memory waste, concurrency problem, updation and deletion problemM: ( to woman) ya correct he told all things correctlyW: tell abt ur extra curricular activitiesI: can I tell abt my hobbies and interestsW:yaI :Playing cricket, listening to musicW: wat u specialise in that I : wicket keeping (then the man told I ll add this to ur form and noted down these things in my form)W: wat qualities a W/K should have I: he should be alert, expect every ball to come at him, encourage all playersM: it also helps to watch the batsman closely isn't itI: yes sirM: wat is the reason for indias' failure in WI oneday seriesI: they underestimated them, didn't adapt to that conditionM: wat u think abt Greg chappel wordsI: y , ( told abt that) he shouldn't have spoken like thatM: so we shuold be careful abt our words (ha ha he is laughing)M: ok wat we ll u do if we post in J&k or ASSAMI: do infosys have branches there sirM: we ll start a branch and post u (ha ha)I: no problem sirW: u r 2004 passed out u lll workin as a fresher with ur junior like 2006 passed out do u have any problemI: no problemW: they are younger to uI : I am also looking like a youngster madamW: (laughing)The man asked abt my familyM:Ok thats it solomonWoman asked me to check whether the mail id mentioned by me is correct And they told results ll be announced in a weekThe interview was very easy and they were very friendly its like chatting with our friends and the questions are mainly from wat ever u mention in the form


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