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Hi Friends!!!

This is ANUP JHA from Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT),BSF ,Tekanpur,Gwalior,M.P.
Infosys selected me at the campus placement held at ITM,Gwalior on 21st March ,2007 along with 30 other candidates from various colleges of Gwalior. I would like to share my whole experience with you guys coz i really owe my success to this site.

Was very nice.Motivated us enough to join the company at any cost.The pics of campus of Infosys were shown and various instructions were given esp. about filling up the Application Form.

The selection procedure consisted of two parts:
a: Quant+DI+Syllogisms+Data Sufficiency etc.... 30 questions 40 minutes
b: English (RC+Sentence completion+Choose most correct sentence+small passages) 40 questions 35 minutes

2) HR
About 300 students wrote the Aptitude Test out of which 38 were shortlisted for the next round and 31 were finally selected
Here are some of the questions which i remember...

1-5: There is a cuboid of dimensions 7 X 6 X 5. It is painted on two opposite faces of 7X6   with red color,one  6 X 5 face with violet and the face opposite to it with green color.and the remaining two with 5X7 with Blue and Yellow .Now it is cut into small cubes of 1 cm sides.then answer the following questions on the basis of above facts:
a)How many cubes are there with no face painted?
b)How many cubes are there with 3 face painted with Red ,Yellow and Green?
c)How many were painted with one face RED?
d)How many wid two face painted ?
e) how many ....

so in all there were five questions based on this wid four options each.Although i don't remember the options but the questions were like this only
6-10: The second set of questions was about finding the odd one out from the given set of five fig.It also had 5 parts.
11-15: The third set of questions was of Data sufficiency type where a and b two options were given for each question and we had to answer whether:
A A alone is sufficient to come to the conclusion
B. B alone is sufficient
C. Both A and B are Required.
D. Data Insuffficient.
x3   =   x5   
a) x>-3  b) x<0
some fig . with  dimensions was given and one side PQ  couldn't be deduced frm that .so they asked what would be reqd to calculate the Area.
a)  PQ=3 b) PS=6.
For three nos. a,b,c in A.P condition required
a)a+c=2b  b)a+b>c and two more such type of questions..

16-20 A table was given like:

product                        Machine A                         Machine B                 
A       4 hours        2 hours 
B       3 hours        5 hours
C       4 hours        4 hours

The table looked like above..The data may be different .then 5 questions were asked.. like if efficiency of  machine A is double to that of B ,then what is the ratio of a nd b drawings
some question on Horsepower rating of these machines,
some question on most efficient  way to utilize the machines.

abt lectures A,B,C,D,E,F and some data related to it like
a ,c must not be on alternate days .
.and holiday except saturday and questions based on that.... like
Which Day was holiday?
On which Day lecture A took place? etc...


a) all a are b
b) some b are c
c) no b are c
d) all c are a
e) some a are c.
and then one has to identify the valid arguement??
frm variousoptions like
abc    bcd   cda  abe   cdf.. like this there were five...

English SECTION:
Two passages...
One was on GATT(General Agreement on Tarrif and Trade ) and WTO. 5 questions
other one was on Humans and Animal Communication and also on cognition between predators and prey.. 5 questions.
then there was sentence completion.. 5 questions
then there was substitution of the underlined phrase by the most appropriate option.. 5 questions
then there were very samll passages 4-5 lines and one question on the basis of each of them 5-10 questions
then there was choose the most grammatically correct sentence.5 questions.




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