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hi friends, i attended infosys apptitude test held at trichy on 26th of march,2007.iam really thanking this website.it helped me a lot.actually abt 1250 members attended the apptitude test.

so first we have to attend the PPT pgm.in that pgm they will give intro abt infosys & atlast they will give instns to fill up the application form.pls note tht correctly.bcoz it will create confusions while u r filling the application form.thn in the exam hall they will give abt 20 min for filling that application.thn

FIRST WE HAVE TO ATTEND THE NON VERBAL PART they  will give arnd 40 min for completing the 30 non verbal questions.
just refer R.S.AGARWAL'S non verbal book.thts enough.

a) puzzle test
b) data interpretation. for tht refer R.S.AGARWAL'S quantitaive appti book.
c) syllogism (deductions) they gave abt 6 conclusions.
d) data sufficiency.
e) blood realtions(they will gv.but we didnt get any quesions)
f) finding next fig in the given series or picking out the diff fig.we had picking the diff fig frm the given series.

after that they will give VERBAL PART two reading comprehensions.,lots of small passages were given.we have to choose the correct option frm the ckoices given there.thn filling the correct tenses. for verbal part just refer any CAT material.time management is very important.dont take reading comprehension first.

they annouced results by 5:30.i got selected for HR round.i was one among the 200 students.thn i had HR next day only.

so first they will check our confidence level & boldness & our communication skill.plz b bold.dnt show ur tension there.b cool.HR was very cool.they will b friendly with us.i had stress interview.so plz b bold.so atlast they annouced result by 1:30 pm.they selected abt 100 students only.i was also one among that 100 students.

take photo copies with u while u r writing ur appti exam.they will ask us to paste a passport size photo.

all the best friends!!!b bold.thts it .u can make it easily. meet u all soon!!!!!




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