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Hi Everybody.
This is Souvik from Calcutta Institute of Engg. and Mangement, ECE IIIrd Yr. I appeared for the pooled campus recruitment process held by Infosys at BC Roy Engg. Collg , Durgapur.

As I stay in kolkata and the campuss time was 9:00 am sharp , it was a hectic reaching Durgapur from 180 km away ,at kolkata on time. But we had to as "the employers" as all of you know were from India's No. 1 company. 

THE ENTRY :-  We entered the college campuss at 9:00 am sharp and had  to register in front of separate respective college counters. Then we were escorted to the presentation venue which was a huge pandal made on the ground premises.

THE PPT. :-  The PPT. started around 9:30 am by a mam(asstt. HRD recriuting ). It went uptil 10:30 am or a few mins. more.

THE APTI. :-  The aptitude test consisted of two parts, namely :-
1) General Aptitude test
Duration:-30 min.
Full Marks:-30

>Logical reasoning

2) English Aptitude Ability
Duration:-30 min.
Full Marks:-30

>Big Comprehension passage
>Moderate Comprehension passage
>Grammatical and Vocabulary Skills
>Writing and Sentence Construction Skills

The Aptitude test started at about 11:45 am and got over within 12:45 pm. We then returned to the ppt. hall and waited for the results. The results came out at about 5:15 pm. evening. I was happy to find my name in the list.

THE H.R INTERVIEW  :- The HR interview started quickly at 5:30 pm. I was the second person for the interview and was introduced in Panel-2. My interviewer was a  who was very friendly to me. The HR was the coolest of its kinds. I was given  a puzzle and an arithmetical problem to solve. The HR session ran for 30 to 40 mins. in my case. But I found many sessions ran only for 4 to 10 mins.

THE  GRAND RESULT  :- The overall result was finally declared at 10:00 pm and my joy knew no bounds!!!!

BEST of LUCK to all of aspiring candidates..

Congratulations Everybody



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