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INFOSYS-Placement Paper- 15 Jan 2006

I Attended the test on 15 th janury 2006 and was shortlisted today I attended my interview
I hope I did well in that. By gods grace I am expecting for the result. They told me that they will get back to me in 3 weeks
mostly the paper contained all the old questions
n the paper goes like this

1.Taxi driver problem from shakuntala devi
2.a man has seven frens 1 st one visits him all the seven dasy of a week ,2 fren on every 2 day like that
on which day all frens r together
I wrote it is 420 I t8 of taking the l.c.m but I am not sure

3.One man goes ot railway station at 5.00 am and 5.02 am
freqency of trains is every 10 mins and ........
Wat is the probability

4.Tehrhe r 6561 balls and one is heavier in how many weighings
5.one rich person has some gold coins he had 5 sons n daughters n one car driver.
He gave 1 st coin to car drver n 1 /5 th of remaining to the 2 nd son 1 more coin to driver n 1/5 th same n remaining money to equal amts to 5 daughters.
Let the 5 th son person have y rs
4 th 1+5y
....1 st person 156+625y
let the y value be 1
so coins r 781.
Let the daughers got 100 rs
so he had a total 881 coins

6.A big question abt directions I didnt answered it

+ab..........this problem
ans is 945+78 and 945-78

8.Jan 1st and jan2 nd question

9. Cabbages problem I dont remeber
10.Its a big anlatycal question but its easy......

All the best

Interview is very cool but I donno what basis they will select. Plz pray for me.

[ Paper Submitted By: Aruni ]


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