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INFOSYS-Placement Paper-7 May 2006

1. At 6 'o' clock, the clock ticks 6 times. The time taken between first & the last tick is 30 seconds. How long does it take to tick at 12 'o' clock?

Ans: 66 secs.

2. A boy asked his sister that "how many chocolates are with you now out of what I gave you yesterday". She replied him in confusing way "I gave half of those to mom and half more to dad. Then, from remaining chocolates, I gave half of those and another half of a chocolate to our pet dog. After that, one chocolate was remaining and I ate that gracefully". How many chocolates did the boy give to his sister?

Ans: 7

3. Mr. X (who got the Param veer charka in 1948), died at the age which is 1 / 39th of his year of birth, in which year did he born?

Ans: 1872 (I think so).

4. In a party, all together there were 11 guests. If each of them clink their glasses with one another only once, what is the number of clinks that were exchanged?

Ans: 55 clinks.

7. A train starting from Amristar at 0900hrs reaches Delhi by 0930hrs after 3 days.

If a train starts from Delhi to Amristar, how many trains will it meet on its way to Amristar?

Ans: 4 trains (not sure).

6. In a Park, there were certain birds in each tree. Number of birds in each tree equals to the number of trees in the park. The gate keeper is sure that there are around2000 - 2100 birds altogether in the park.What is the total number of trees in the park?

Ans: 45 trees.

Remaining 3 questions were quite lengthy; I'm not able to recollect them.

- One was about 4 different events - there are abt 6 people - 4 different people won each event. You gotta find out who won which event given the conditions.

- Other question was 4 different people - 4 different profession - u gotta find who is who, given the conditions. (Like druggist, architect, grocer Etc)

- Last one was about the houses & different typed peoples (like English, german, norwagean..) - in the same way u gotta find who is in which house (given some conditions).


Panel had 2 persons (females) - aged around 35 to 40..it was cool - they started asking about my extra curricular activities -then went on with the work profile..at last they gave me some 2 puzzles (simple ones) to solve.

1. There are two vessels of same size with water in it and one is 20 degree Celsius and other is 20 degree Fahrenheit. When a coin is put in both vessel which will reach bottom first.

Ans: As 20 degree Fahrenheit is definitely a freezing pt, at this time none can be be immersed so at 20 degree Celsius the coin will immerse first.

2. In a knock out game of chess, how many games will be played when there are about 43 players?

Ans: Winner gotta defeat remaining 42 players which means total game played is 42.

1 t.

Ans: As 20 degree Fahrenheit is definitely a freezing pt, at this time none can be be immersed so at 20 degree Celsius the coin will immerse first.


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