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INFOSYS Placement Papers


INFOSYS-Placement Paper-16 May 2006-Kerala

Test at UCC thodupuzha, Kerala

1. a cube whose surface is painted red is sliced six times such
that it is divided into 27 smaller cubes. how many of smaller cubes
have: a. no red sides b. 2 red sides c. 3 red sides d. 1 red side

2. 2 men r playing tossing a coin. if one of them wins he gets 1$
frm the loser. at the end of a no. of games one of them had 3$ and the
other won 3 times. how many games did they play?

3. a man goes for a walk. he starts at 3 pm. he walks at 4kmph for a
distance then climbs a hill at 2 kmph then decends the hill at 6 kmph
then walks back at 4 kmph.he reached home at 9pm. what is the distance
he covered one way?

4. There are seven gems Amethyst, Diamond, Ruby, Garnet, Emerald,Sapphire and Opal, which have to be placed for a window display.There are 2 cases, left case and right case. Only three gems can beplaced in one case at a time.Based on the conditions only the gems must be placed in each case.Conditions.1.Amethyst must be included in the case and kept in left case.2.Diamond must be included in the case and kept in left case.3.Ruby cannot be placed in the case while Diamond or Garnet is placed.4.Emerald and Sapphire are to be placed together in the same case.

Questions were like:a. If Amethyst is placed in the left case what other gems should beplaced along with it.Options : abcde

b.Emerald and Sapphire in right case then what must be placed in left case.(i dont remember the rest)

Q5. a woman says " my age is my husbands age reversed. if u take the
diffrence between my age and my husband's it will be equal to one by
eleventh of the sum of our ages. what is my age? "

Q6. There are two different temperature measurement systems, similar
to Celsius and Fahrenheit, say A & B. If A=14 then B=36 and if
A=133 then B=87. What value will be equal in both systems?

comment: i dont remember the rest. but all were really simple. the
fact is, i didint get even 7 perfectly right. but i had wrote how i got
to the answer, roughly ofcourse, on the rough sheets (for example i
didint even reach near the temprature scale question. but i wrote that
taking the two points as two st. lines on xy plane and the point of
intersection as the answer). i think they must have given weightage to
the thought process. the written round is the main elimination round.
after that its a breeze. they really seemed nice people at the
interview, smiling and all, and it was over quickly. i was asked
questions frm my resume. thats all. so take care of the written test
and u r in. best of luck.


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